I recently graduated from high school and decided to go to college in New York City. Being an 18-year-old female, my parents were real reluctant and anxious about me going there. The day I left, after packing all the things in my car, my dad handed me his E2D LED Defender®. I was really surprised; he always had it with him, and it was practically the son he never had. I thanked him and tossed it into my bag before heading off to New York. It was several weeks into my new life in New York, and I'd just gotten out of class and was walking back to my dorm. It was getting dark, and I just wanted to get back as fast as I could. As I walked across the park that led to my dorm, I noticed a group of three guys sitting on the benches. One of them yelled a crude remark, and I quickened my pace. Then I heard them get up. They sounded drunk, and they were yelling vulgar things at me as they pursued me. I was so scared.

I reached in my purse for the SureFire my father had given me. I didn't know what to do, so I just tightened my grip around it and walked faster. Then, out of nowhere, I felt one of them grab my arm. I turned around, and without even thinking, I switched on the light and pointed it right at them. They all ducked and covered their eyes from the blast of light, and that was all I needed to start running and make my way back safely to my dorm, where I immediately called the police. A few days later, I heard they found the guys and they were expelled. I was so relieved. My dad has always been there to protect me, but since he can't now since I'm so far away, he's doing it through the SureFire Defender he gave me.

Holly W.
Hellertown, PA

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