A couple of weeks ago, I was walking home solo late at night. There were lots of hyped-up drunks exiting the bars, so I chose my route home carefully. I didn't think about all the house parties going on, however. A few blocks from my house, I noticed two intoxicated males leave a shabby apartment building and turn up the street toward me. I had that old gut instinct feeling, so I put both straps of my backpack on, cinched it up tight, and put my hands in my pockets, my left gripping my SureFire E2D LED Defender®, my right gripping my pocket knife. I gave a wide berth to the two drunks, but as I did, the hairs on the back of my neck rose. Within seconds of passing them, one of them smashed a bottle and rushed me, saying he was going to "f--k me up." I spun on my heels, pulled my SureFire and blinded him with the high beam. At the same time, I pulled out my knife and it clacked open and the blade locked in place loudly. The buddy kind of stood there, swaying and blinking, holding the broken bottle in his hand, while his friend rushed him, shoved him to the ground, and yelled that everything was okay and his friend was just drunk, meant no harm, and wasn't a threat. He was right; his buddy was no longer a threat, thanks to my bright flashlight saving the day yet again.

Arlo B.
Vancouver, Canada

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