About 2 am on a Saturday morning, I woke up to find two men in the process of burglarizing my neighbor’s car. I immediately called the police to inform them of the situation. Then I grabbed my SureFire and Glock as a precaution. The street has poor lighting and many mature trees, so it is not difficult to hide in the shadows. While waiting on the police to arrive I hid under the cover of darkness and watched the thieves rummage through my neighbor’s car.

The burglar was using a flashlight in the car, but there was not enough light to get an accurate description. After a couple of minutes, the men completed their crime and began to leave. At this point, I knew they were about to get away, and I could not yet identify them properly. I was able to flash one of the men in the face with the powerful beam of my G2X Pro from an approximate distance of 20 feet and got an excellent look at him. The man fled on foot, but was picked up by police a couple of hours later.

Thanks to my G2X giving me a good look, and me giving the police a good description, he was arrested—not just a good thing for my next-door neighbor but for several others on the block who’d had their cars broken into that night as well. Some of the property was recovered and returned to the rightful owners due to this man’s arrest.

Dan D.
Tyler, TX

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