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Keeping Bad Guys at Bay

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A few months ago, I was in a shopping center parking lot at about 9:00 pm. All of the ambient light was on one side of the lot, with dark shadows on the opposite side of vans and trucks. I’m getting ready to get in my car when I hear high heels, so I stop for a moment. I make it a habit, if there is a woman present, to stand by my car and wait until she gets into her car safely. No one usually notices, but it doesn't take much of my time, and it’s one way I try to give back. As I’m waiting, I scan the parking lot, and there is a very suspicious-looking guy standing next to a van, just waiting. He’s not getting in, and it just doesn’t look or feel right to me. I look back at the woman and—click, click, click—she is going to walk right by the van, and the guy is listening intently to every heel strike of her shoes and looking like he’s getting ready to pounce. So I pull out my SureFire flashlight and light the guy up, and he pounces all right—out from behind the van and across the parking lot, running full speed.

My SureFire certainly made things very easy for me that night. I didn’t have to engage him, and somebody’s wife, mother, or daughter got home safely that night because I had my trusty flashlight in my pocket.

James G.
Winfield, IL

An embarrassing story but worthy of sharing. I work for an airline, and I'm out of town often, which leaves my girlfriend home all alone. I own a few home defense weapons, but she's afraid to fire them, so I figured a bright tactical flashlight was the next best thing. I gave her a SureFire P2X Fury® Defender® for Christmas, and she looked at me with a twisted face and asked, “What am I supposed to do with this?” I explained what a great defensive tool it was, but she seemed less than impressed.

Well, a few weeks later, I came home very late and unexpectedly because of delays with a snowstorm in the Northeast. I couldn’t find my keys, and I was fumbling around on the front porch while the dogs barked, when I finally got the door open. Then it hit me—literally—the crenellated Strike Bezel® of the Fury Defender, right above my left eye. She almost knocked me out with the blow to my head, cut the skin above my eye open, and, if that wasn't enough, she started flashing the beam in my face, which I’m here to say, really disorients the hell out of you! Once she realized it was me, she was apologetic, and tears started to flow, but I was still flat on my back. Granted, I wasn't the bad guy in this scenario, but I’m glad to know that, thanks to the Fury Defender, a 125 lb. woman can easily take down a 215 lb. man, should she need to.

Thanks, SureFire. Next time I’ll call home first!

Justin D.
Ft. Worth, TX

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I was hired to work security at a college party—an otherwise uneventful night of checking IDs and telling drunks and people with fake IDs to go home. About an hour into the night, two guys came running out of the house with pupils the size of olives, telling me that someone had drawn a knife on them. With a line forming to enter the party, I told my partner to hold the door closed—no entry or exit—while I went to investigate.

I entered the building and, with the help of the two men, was able to find my way to where the incident was taking place. I had them stand back as I grabbed my SureFire 6PX Defender® from the holster I always keep on my belt to hold my trusty flashlight. I opened the door and yelled, “Let me see some hands! … HANDS UP!” Everyone except the perpetrator put their hands in the air and did not move. The perpetrator reached for his waistband and removed a knife before advancing toward with me with it. I stepped to my right while holding my flashlight to my left, and the perpetrator continued toward the light, unaware that I had stepped to the side. Once he had reached my light’s position, with my free hand I reached for his wrist, incapacitating his hand with the knife, and then struck him in the head with my Surefire 6PX Defender’s crenellated Strike Bezel. After that he was quickly subdued.

I later found out that the man he had drawn the knife on was the brother of a woman he had attempted to sexually assault. Thanks to your product, SureFire, I was able to safely subdue him without anyone getting seriously hurt.

Myles M.
Columbus, OH

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Although I have many SureFire lights, my new favorite is the 2211® and 2211® Luminox®. Yes, I have both. One evening I was leaving work out the backdoor and into the well-lit alley where our team members park. I spotted a young male walking from the north, wearing a backpack and his hands in his jacket pockets at my 10 o'clock. He yelled, “excuse me!” and smiled at me. I smiled back and told him I was late and needed to get home, then turned to my 2 o’clock and continued to remotely unlock my truck. The next eight seconds then seemed like an eternity.

I heard running footsteps coming toward me, and my brain went into full red-alert mode. This can’t be happening, I thought as the guy ran at me from behind. My right hand went for my 2211’s activation switch, and I spun around and aimed my left hand directly at the guy’s face. He made a weird noise and then both of his hands went up to block his eyes. In the meantime, my right hand was now on my TASER C2. Seeing he was about to be “tased,” the guy yelled, “My mistake. … Sorry.” He then sidestepped, with his hands still up, and scurried off to the south. I continued to scan the area, while keeping him fully illuminated with my 2211’s broad beam.

I firmly believe that the sudden blast of light from my 2211 created a temporary barrier and gave me a split-second tactical advantage that allowed me to regain control of a potentially very bad situation. Thank you, SureFire, for the continual improvement of your industry. Your 2211 WristLights fill a big void between the weapon light, personal light, and headlamps. They combine the hands-free versatility of a headlamp, the power of a personal light, and they can instantly serve as a WeaponLight!

Kurt T.
Denver, CO

PS: Here are a couple of non-tactical activities I use my 2211 WristLights for: illuminating the road while riding my bike at night and even something as mundane as seeing under the bed when I’m vacuuming. Owning both a 2211 and a 2211 Luminox, I wear the 2211 while sleeping and, when I want to wear a regular watch on my left hand, I wear the 2211 Luminox. One charges while the other is on duty. Thanks again for making superior lighting products.

See the 2211® and 2211® Luminox® WristLights:

          2211-A-BK   2211-A-BK-LMX

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My husband is a big believer in your product, but, until recently, I thought they were just your average flashlights. I work as an LPN nurse in Everett, Washington, and have to be at work at 5:00 a.m. My husband worries about me, so he bought me some pepper spray and a giant SureFire flashlight, the UB3T Invictus®, which I couldn't stand…until one morning. I had parked outside the hospital, and I looked around and didn't see anything, so I left the pepper spray in my car but decided to take my SureFire, just in case. I got about halfway to the hospital door when I noticed a tall male behind me coming at me fast. He grabbed my shirt and the purse that was on my arm. I immediately dropped my purse, but he tried pulling me back toward the rear of the parking lot and into the woods—that’s when I knew he wasn't interested in the purse.

I instinctively brought up my Invictus and hit him hard on the side of his head. He let go as soon as the light made contact and dropped to one knee; I then hit high power on my light and started running toward the entrance. I got there and, even though I could feel him right behind me, he wasn’t there. The blow to the head with the UB3T Invictus had taken all the fight out of him. The janitor had seen the bright light outside and came out to investigate, reaching the door the same time that I did. He let me in and the called the police.

The police found the guy sitting next to the dumpster, completely defeated and bleeding heavily from a cut just above his right ear that would later take 43 stitches to close back up. The officers asked me what I’d hit this guy with, and I showed them. They all loved my high-quality flashlight, and now I love it too. I had to go to the police station and fill out some paper work, and that's when I found out this guy had four prior arrests for assault on females and was being held on a possible rape and an assault on a woman from the same town. Everyone agrees—from my husband to the arresting officers—that I was lucky to have chosen my flashlight over the pepper spray. Thank you so much, SureFire, for creating a tool that saved me from becoming a statistic. Now I don't go shopping or to work or anywhere without my baby, Invictus, and my husband, of course, thinks your product is straight from heaven. God bless you all!

Lisa E.
Everett, WA

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I travel around the world to teach the Filipino Martial Arts of Eskrima. During my visit to Moscow, Russia, last December of 2012, before my two companions and I went inside a compound for my seminar, we stopped at a convenience store to buy some water and gum. I told them I would wait outside, and while I was waiting, I noticed two big guys coming towards me. They stopped in front of me and started saying words in Russian with gesturing hands. I replied, “Nyet Russke. Anglesk,” a few of the only Russian words I knew.

It got to a point where it was clear things were going to turn physical very soon, so I looked both of the guys in their eyes, like a laser beam, and removed my SureFire Pen from my shirt pocket and held it in my right hand in a closed fist. Their eyes were glued to the SureFire Pen; they were curious and fearful at the same time. They both thought better of escalating things and started walking away, but kept looking back at me. I remained ready to use the pen as a weapon, just as I had been teaching my students in my seminars, but luckily the threat of using it was enough.

In my seminars, I pull out the SureFire Pen and tell my students that whoever can break the pen in half will get $500 from me. Of course, I’ve yet to have to give away any money! Thank you for such an amazing product, and products (I am an avid believer and user of your tactical flashlights as well).

Virgil C.
West Covina, CA

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While attending college last year, I was forced to take night classes, leaving me to walk home every night through a few blocks of “questionable” neighborhoods in the dark. The campus being a “gun-free zone,” I couldn't carry my handgun equipped with a SureFire X300® Ultra, so I did some research and opted for a new SureFire E2D LED Ultra Defender® because of the aggressive Strike Bezel® it offers for self defense.

One night, while walking back from class to my apartment, I passed a gas station and noticed that two male subjects had begun to follow me. They followed me for two blocks until they were only a few steps behind me. I moved to the edge of the sidewalk to allow them to pass, but when I did, the leader of the two turned to me, drew a knife, and said, “Give me your phone and wallet.” I made like I was reaching for my wallet but instead grabbed my E2DLU and blasted them both in the eyes with 500 lumens of pure white awesomeness. The leader clearly stunned by the light, I proceeded to smash him across the bridge of his nose with the Strike Bezel before following up by hitting his stunned partner in the jaw with the same crenellated bezel. I took off running down the block, and after sprinting about three blocks, I glanced back and confirmed that the would-be robbers were not following me.

I owe my phone and wallet and possibly even my life to my SureFire flashlight. I never leave home without it, and always advise friends and family to do the same. Thank you, SureFire!

Saul K.
Virginia Beach, VA

See the E2 LED Defender® Ultra and X300® Ultra:
          E2DLU-A   X300 Ultra

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During a road trip for business one night, I felt the car wobbling a bit and thought maybe I had a loss of air pressure in the tires or, worse yet, a bent rim. I pulled over to the shoulder, grabbed my SureFire 6P®, and stepped out to take a look, my sidearm with a SureFire X300® Ultra holstered and on me. As I was checking on the tires, a car pulled over behind me on the interstate. Thinking it was a concerned passerby stopping to help, I stood up to greet them. Three men got out of the vehicle, and I said hello, but as they approached me, they did not reply and they split up, walking toward me from three different directions. Their car’s headlights were bright, but, fortunately, so was my flashlight. I asked them to identify themselves, but they didn't answer, so I pointed my 6P into the front man’s face and drove him back. As he stumbled back, I was aware of the other two coming at me and I transitioned to my sidearm, yelling at them to get back while using my X300 Ultra to keep them disoriented. They all scrambled back to their car as I kept the X300’s light shining in their faces.

The encounter certainly had my adrenaline going, but the 6P gave me enough time to transition to my sidearm with an even more powerful light. In all, I counted myself lucky that I didn't have to use my sidearm—and that the light proved powerful enough to obscure the would-be assailants’ vision and convince them to move on. Most of the general public would never believe that a flashlight can be so convincing in a situation like that, but I learned of the value of a good tactical light back in Iraq. Now, just like my wallet, keys, and pocket knife, I always carry my 6P. I will be a customer for life and want to thank the people at SureFire who make quality products that saves lives.

Derald W.
Sanford, NC

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          6P-BK   X300U-A

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I'm a 23-year-old female who recently attended Super Bowl XLVIII with a group of friends. After the game it was a nightmare getting out of the stadium, and I quickly got separated from my group of friends and got caught in the mass of people streaming to the exits. Eventually I ended up outside, but it was late and dark by this time. I made my way out to where we parked, in the huge lots outside the stadium.

That's when I came across a group of drunken men hanging out. One of them made a crude remark, and the others started up. One of the men got up and made his way toward me in an aggressive manner. His friends joined him. That's when I instinctively went for the 6PX Tactical I always carry in my purse. I screamed while blasting the light right in his face and his friends. They didn't stand a chance. I'm studying to be a nurse, and I know that intoxication from alcohol dilates you pupils, which probably made that blinding beam of light seem like looking into the sun.

Soon after, a group of people, along with security took the men away. I was literally cheered on by the crowds of witnesses. My girlfriends always used to ask me why I carried a flashlight in my purse. Now they all carry SureFires, too.

Megan W.
Hellertown, PA

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          6PX Tactical

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I was in bed, sleeping, when I thought I heard our wood floor creak. I waited, and it creaked again, so I pulled my HK USP45 equipped with my Surefire X400® Ultra with red-laser sight from my nightstand. I turned on the laser-and-flashlight setting and chambered a round. As I came out of the bedroom and cleared the laundry room, the light/laser ran past the entry wall and that must have been a scary sight, because one of the two men ran straight through my bay window, and his accomplice followed. I heard the crash and ran around into the dining room to see two bodies running down the street—and my driveway to the street is about 125 yards long. My X400 Ultra was enough to scare two grown men to run through heavy glass and complete a 120-yard dash at speeds that seemed faster than any professional running back in the NFL. That night your product protected me, my four children, and my fiancé. For that, even if that SureFire X400 cost $10,000, it would’ve been money well spent. Since then, I’ve equipped my other five handguns with X400s as well. Thanks, SureFire.

Chad B.
Gresham, OR

See the X400 Ultra WeaponLight:

          X400U-A-RD, X400U-A-GN

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My wife and I are 62 years old and live in a semi-rural area. One night, while we were both in bed, our dog went into high alert, darting from window to window. He then started to bark, which he only does when someone is near the house. A male voice rang out from the darkness, calling a girl’s name. I told my wife not turn on lights and to call the police. The voice called out again: “Come out, there’s a big dog in the house.” He continued talking for about five minutes, and by this time I was fully dressed and had my SureFire M6LT Guardian®and Sig 228 in hand and was watching the guy through the window.

Suddenly, he charged the house and landed two solid kicks on the back door, totally willing to face a very pissed-off big dog. He then went to our bedroom window, which I was on the other side of, and cut the screen and ripped it off in one motion before starting to climb through it. I fired up my M6LT and blasted its 900 lumens of light directly into his eyes, two feet from his face. He fell backwards onto his back, out the window and completely disoriented. After a moment to recover, he got up and ran off into the darkness. The police came, and I gave a good description of his face, thanks to the bright light of my M6LT. They apprehended him near our home a short while later and took him into custody.

Thanks, SureFire, for helping me to do what even our large guard dog couldn’t–keep that home intruder out.

Ernest A.
Stockton, CA

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I have a commercial pressure-washing business, and we pressure wash restaurants and other businesses at night. I use my SureFire Maximus headlamp to illuminate the job when I pressure wash at night. Some of the businesses I wash are in some pretty rough parts of town, and twice in the past year I have been able to ward off attempts by bad guys trying to steal my equipment while I was working. The 500 lumens from my Maximus make it seem like daylight and can blind a perpetrator from 50 yards away.

Thanks, SureFire, for making the best lighting products I have ever used, regardless of price. You get what you pay for, and my security is priceless!

Mark C.
Lawrenceville, GA

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I work in the Bay Area in California for one of the major bridges. As toll collectors, my co-workers and I deal with a lot of disgruntled drivers who are upset with toll fares. Well, shortly after one of the other toll collectors was verbally threatened in their booth, I decided I needed a little extra “insurance,” so I purchased a SureFire 6PX Defender® on the recommendation of a fellow employee. I absolutely loved this flashlight and left it in my booth for quick access.

One night, while on the graveyard shift, a large pickup truck was coming through and, as standard operating procedure, I put my hand out to collect the fare. Suddenly, the driver grabbed my hand and tried to pull me over to grab the money I had in my other hand for making change. I’m a female, and this man was incredibly strong. I immediately dropped the change and grabbed my 6PX, flashing it directly into his eyes. He let go to shield his vision, but not before I drove the flashlight’s Strike Bezel® into his hand. He sped off but was apprehended shortly thereafter by police. He was identified by the images from our security cameras…and by the nice circular wound on his hand from my flashlight.

Thanks, SureFire. After that incident, a few more people from work decided to take the safer route and work with a SureFire flashlight close by.

Regina Q.
Oakland, CA

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This is a classic story of an attempted carjacking. Two bad guys bumped my pickup, so I pulled over. They pulled in front of me, trying to block me in. As the passenger got out, with a tire iron in his hand, I lit his face up with my SureFire, overwhelming his night vision. They decided real quick that I might not be easy prey and jumped back in their car and sped away. Without my SureFire, the outcome could have been very bad for me. Thank you for making such a great product!

Gene L.
Henrico, VA

I work in a Level III state prison in South Carolina. My wife had bought me a SureFire E2DL Defender® for an early Christmas present, and approximately three weeks after receiving it, I had an incident happen on duty where it saved my life. I was assaulted by an inmate using a padlock on a string as a weapon. I was hit multiple times and had exhausted all of my OC chemical munitions, but to no avail. I was able to take the inmate to the ground to gain control, but while on the ground, he got the padlock back into his hand and proceeded to hit me in the back of the head with it. It was a matter of life of death, and I was determined to get home that night, but had it not been for my Defender flashlight, I might not have. With blood running down my face, I pulled out my Defender and put its Strike Bezel® to work. Three strikes to his face were enough to stop him in his tracks until other officers were able to assist me. My hat’s off to those who created the awesome Strike Bezel! That incident sold me on SureFire flashlights for life!

Thomas C.
Columbia, SC

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It was 3:30 in the morning when I had a particularly scary encounter. I was delivering newspapers, and I always carry my SureFire G2® Nitrolon® flashlight with me, usually to spot house numbers, but also as a deterrent to would-be attackers. On this particular morning, I wasn’t anticipating any trouble, but as I dropped off a paper at a porch, I heard screams and a door slam at the house next door. It didn't take long for me to realize that a woman was being beaten.

I immediately called the police as I ran over to the house. I remember seeing the young lady try to run out of the house but getting pulled back inside by a male who was obviously larger and stronger than she was. The screen door was open, and it was obvious the young lady was taking quite a beating. The man raised his bottle, possibly to hit her, and I instinctively yelled out and hit him with my flashlight beam, momentarily blinding and disorienting him. He backed off, and the woman was taken to the hospital when the cops and an ambulance arrived.

I am very thankful to have had my flashlight with me that night; otherwise I don't know how I would have gotten that physical abuser’s attention and hindered him from further abusing the young lady. She was hurt bad, and it is very possible that, in his drunken state, he could have killed her. Many thanks to SureFire for making such a great product that is both reliable and resilient under the gun.

Steven B.
Chesterton, IN

See the G2 Nitronlon flashlight:

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Several months back, I bought a SureFire P2X Fury for personal use, on the recommendation from a friend. One night after that, I awoke in my bed to the sound of shattering glass. I told my wife to dial 911 while I grabbed my Fury and moved into the hallway. When I arrived in the living room, I saw that a man had broken out our dining-room window and was climbing through it. He looked up at me but did not stop trying to get in. Terrified, I hit the Fury’s switch and sent 500 blinding lumens directly into his eyes, yelling, "Get out of my house!” He quickly yanked himself back out the window and took off running.

I sincerely believe that intruder intended to harm me, and I hate to think what the outcome might’ve been if I hadn’t had my SureFire. Your brand has proven itself to me, and I have since recommended it to my friends. Thanks, SureFire!

Gabriel S.
Norman, OK

See the P2X Fury flashlight:

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One night, about 3:00 a.m., I was walking home from a party on a dimly lit street. I saw five people, who appeared to be under the influence of something, across the street, so I quickened my pace. As I passed them, one of them held out his middle finger and shouted the F-word at me. I didn’t want to fight, so I ignored them and kept on walking. But they got mad that I ignored them and ran across the street to confront me, making threats against me as they did.

Instinctively, I reached for my SureFire E2DL Defender® that’s always on my belt. I gave each of them a flash to the face with its blinding beam. One guy then deployed a folder, so I blinded him with a second flash of light and struck him in the arm with the flashlight’s Strike Bezel®, causing him to drop the knife. Before the situation could escalate even more, I ran away—none of them were able to follow me because they were all temporarily blinded.

Thanks to my E2DL, I was able to escape a deadly situation without getting hurt or having to seriously hurt anyone. Now I always carry at least two SureFires on me, one as a backup, wherever I go. Thanks, SureFire!

Yunseok C.
Ridgewood, NJ

See the E2DL flashlight:

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One evening, I was walking up the street and heard a woman scream. Across the street, 50-60 yards away, I observed a young man trying to climb in through the first-floor window of a row home. I lit him up with my E2D LED Defender® and shouted, "Is everything okay?!" The bright light flooded the entire front of the house, and he was surprised at being interrupted. He replied that everything was fine and I should mind my own business, but the woman standing in the window with a baseball bat in hand was enough to understand that everything was not, in fact, okay. The young man took off running, and the woman called the police.

My E2DL allowed me to be helpful and assertive at a safe distance to interrupt and de-escalate a dangerous situation—without having to get physical or put myself directly in harm’s way. When my friends ask me for a recommendation on an everyday-carry or weapon-mounted light, I always tell them that other brands are for when you just WANT a light, but SureFires are for when you NEED a light.

John H.
Philadelphia, PA

See the E2DL flashlight:

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I'm a bouncer at an Irish pub, and as such, it’s not uncommon for me to be involved in eight to nine fights a week. I have a SureFire P2X Fury that I carried in Iraq, so I started bringing it with me to work. Everyone at work liked the dual illumination and compact size, but what really sold them on its necessity was a fight with a drunken linebacker one night.

When asked to leave, the linebacker charged me, leaving me only a moment to think. There was only one other bouncer on duty with me, and neither of us were a match for the raw strength of this man. I instinctively reached for my SureFire Fury and shined the 500-lumen beam into his face. The light was so focused that it didn't bounce of the walls and blind us, but it stopped him dead in his tracks. I had no trouble convincing him to leave after that.

The experience left in indelible impression on my coworkers. Now that we all carry SureFires as part of our uniforms, we've had to use far less force on the job.

Jeremy S.
Moorpark, CA

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I work the midnight shift as a security officer in a very large neighborhood. This neighborhood is laden with people who don’t like the presence of security, or police, for that matter. It was about 2:00 a.m. one morning when I approached a group of about 12 people, all of them seemingly agitated. Being the only security guard working, I decided to bring my M3LT CombatLight® with me that night, just in case. As soon as I identified myself, all 12 of the group locked onto me and began to posture as though they were going to jump me. I quickly unleashed all 800 lumens of my M3LT’s max output and directed it into all of their faces. They quickly shielded their eyes from the overpowering light, dispersed, and ran off into the night. If my SureFire hadn’t backed me up that night, who knows what might’ve happened to me.

Thanks, SureFire.

Kevin C.
West Palm Beach, FL

See the M3LT flashlight:


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As a corrections officer for my state’s DOC, it is my job to ensure the inmates do not escape. One night, while on the yard patrol, I spotted some movement out of the corner of my eye, near one of the housing units. I pulled my SureFire 6PX Pro from my duty belt and pressed the tailcap to unleash its 200 lumens of maximum output. As I investigated the scene, I discovered two inmates 100 yards away trying to jump the dividing fence between the unit and inner perimeter area. I dispatched first response. Within seconds, the cavalry came running, and I kept my 6PX’s beam on the inmates so as not to lose them. My lieutenant and I pulled the two would-be escapees off the fence, and they were cuffed and placed in lockdown.

As to how they got out of the unit in the first place, it was a very cold night, and judging from their temperature and the bluish color of their skin, it appears they slipped around the corner at first shift chow movement. But all that really matters is that they did not get out—and they two of them got a longer stay with us than they originally bargained for. It’s a good thing I had my SureFire, because without it I wouldn't have been able to spot them from so far away.

Chris S.
Lodge, SC

See the 6PX Pro flashlight:


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After work one night, a few co-workers and I went to a nearby neighborhood bar for a drink. Another patron at that bar, who had obviously been there a while, got cut off by the bartender. Needless to say, the cut-off guy was not happy about it.

The female bartender asked the disgruntled drunk to leave, but he was having none of it. It was a small bar, and she was the only one working that night, so a buddy and I lent a hand and escorted the belligerent drunk out the door. The bartender thanked us, and everybody went about their business; my friends and I took our drinks to the patio area outside.

For some reason I’m still not sure of, I thought to turn around at just the right moment, because if I hadn’t I would have taken a mailbox to the face from the angry drunk. In an instant, I whipped out my SureFire E2DL Defender® and had its 200-lumen beam in his eyes. An instant later and the bartender was spraying a can of pepper spray into his face. The drunk took another wild swing, so I left an impression on him—specifically his forehead, with the Strike Bezel® of my Defender, which was enough to get him to vacate the premises.

The police arrived a few minutes later, and I used my Defender once again to illuminate and identify the drunk, who was in an adjacent parking lot, hopefully contemplating his poor life choices. We left the cops to do their job and we went back to enjoying our drinks. A short while later, one of the officers came into the bar and asked "Who's got the SureFire?" I told him that I did and showed him my light, asking him how he knew I had a SureFire. He pulled an identical light off his duty belt and said, "I recognized the impression in his forehead."

Thanks, SureFire. You've got a customer for life!

Matt K.
Kirkland, WA

See the E2D LED Defender

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I am a corrections officer and was working the graveyard shift. While at work, the power went out and something was wrong with the backup generator, so the emergency lights did not come on. While on the block, I went to move out of the block when I was shoved from behind into the wall. I spun around and was hit in the face by an inmate. I reached for my SureFire flashlight and blinded him with its powerful beam before wrestling him to the ground and detaining him. Without my SureFire, I’m not sure how that night might have gone.

Thanks, SureFire.

Jeremy J.
McSherrystown, PA

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I clean the common areas of residential apartment buildings. One day I found some crackers in a Tupperware container next to an exit. I figured one of the tenants probably fed the birds with it, but tenants aren’t allowed to have any personal items in the common areas, so I threw away the crackers. Well, the tenant who owned the crackers approached me about it a few days later, and, after some heated words by him, he got so angry that he pulled a .38 revolver from his pants and put the gun to my head. I tried to reason with him, but he said “screw you,” and lowered the gun to my stomach and pulled the trigger.

My adrenaline pumping, I wasn’t sure if I was hit or not, but I reacted by tackling him to the ground. While we both struggled on the ground, I grabbed my E2D and struck him in the head. I knew instantly he was stunned, which bought me the time I needed to get away and call 911. Miraculously, the gun had misfired, so I wasn’t shot. He, however, was arrested, charged, convicted, and subsequently sent to prison.

Thanks, SureFire, for buying me the time I needed to get away from that lunatic.

Joe P.
Pawtucket, RI

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About 2 am on a Saturday morning, I woke up to find two men in the process of burglarizing my neighbor’s car. I immediately called the police to inform them of the situation. Then I grabbed my SureFire and Glock as a precaution. The street has poor lighting and many mature trees, so it is not difficult to hide in the shadows. While waiting on the police to arrive I hid under the cover of darkness and watched the thieves rummage through my neighbor’s car.

The burglar was using a flashlight in the car, but there was not enough light to get an accurate description. After a couple of minutes, the men completed their crime and began to leave. At this point, I knew they were about to get away, and I could not yet identify them properly. I was able to flash one of the men in the face with the powerful beam of my G2X Pro from an approximate distance of 20 feet and got an excellent look at him. The man fled on foot, but was picked up by police a couple of hours later.

Thanks to my G2X giving me a good look, and me giving the police a good description, he was arrested—not just a good thing for my next-door neighbor but for several others on the block who’d had their cars broken into that night as well. Some of the property was recovered and returned to the rightful owners due to this man’s arrest.

Dan D.
Tyler, TX

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I’m of English/Iranian background and one night I was walking to the local train station from my grandmother’s house, in Hounslow, after visiting her. She had previously given me £300 for a birthday present, which I’d used to purchase the SureFire V2 Vampire® in my pocket. As I passed an old, grungy pub with a lot of drunks stumbling around it, one of them thought it was funny to squirt the closest bottle of ketchup at the so-called “Paki’s” jacket.

I approached the man, with courtesy, knowing he was drunk, and told him that was foolish of him to do such a thing, and I asked for an apology. He and his friends took offense, and the bubbly drunks suddenly turned into an angry foursome. The great ketchup warrior tried to give me a right hook to the jaw, but missed, and I ran for it, all four of them in tow after me. After 200 meters or so, two of them ran out of stamina and balance, leaving me with only two on my tail. I ran into a crowd of people, in the entrance of the train station, waiting for taxis or to be picked up. Being drunk and confused, my two pursuers lingered around the crowd instead of coming after me. As they lingered, I turned my V2 Vampire on and, wow, what a bright light! I shined it into their eyes and shouted, “Police, stay right there, you two!” The sheer blinding intensity of the V2 Vampire’s light was enough to spook them off; they ran off with their tails between their legs, until my sober eyes couldn't see them anymore.

I’m positive that if I hadn’t made that invaluable purchase from SureFire, I would probably be missing a row of teeth now. Buy the V2 Vampire, if you can. It’ll be the purchase of your lifetime. Thanks, SureFire, and keep lighting up the dark.

Armin T.
Purley, UK

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Against good public opinion, and probably better judgment, I walk or bike everywhere in Memphis I need to go, day or night, rain or shine. In the past seven years, I have never had a serious problem or encountered a serious threat. But, at the urging of my brother (a firefighter), and to calm the worries of my family, I finally succumbed and purchased a "self-defense" flashlight: a SureFire E2D LED Defender®. I figured I would never have to use it in the tactical manner in which it was designed, but at the very least, I was getting a nice flashlight that would give my family some peace of mind.

Two weeks ago, on my walk into work, I witnessed an armed robbery in progress. The crook sprinted out of the store straight at me. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't know what he was going to do. So without even thinking, I grabbed the closest thing I had, the flashlight, attached to my shoulder straps, and clicked it on. Two hundred lumens of light straight into the eyes on a dark night stop a man quick. Very quick. So quick, in fact, that we just stood there for what felt like an eternity. I didn't know what else to do, so I jabbed him in the face as hard as I could with the crenellated bezel and sprinted to the hospital, where I work, to call the police.

When the police arrived, the man was already gone. I answered their questions and filled out a report of what happened. I then changed my clothes and began my shift in the ER. Well, guess who my first patient was? A 28-year-old male involved in an "altercation" that resulted in a skull fracture and several small lacerations in the form of a perfect circle. That night worked out perfectly: he got a free ride in a police car, and I got a neat story to tell.

Thanks, SureFire, for making an awesome product.

Tyler K.
Memphis, TN

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I recently graduated from high school and decided to go to college in New York City. Being an 18-year-old female, my parents were real reluctant and anxious about me going there. The day I left, after packing all the things in my car, my dad handed me his E2D LED Defender®. I was really surprised; he always had it with him, and it was practically the son he never had. I thanked him and tossed it into my bag before heading off to New York. It was several weeks into my new life in New York, and I'd just gotten out of class and was walking back to my dorm. It was getting dark, and I just wanted to get back as fast as I could. As I walked across the park that led to my dorm, I noticed a group of three guys sitting on the benches. One of them yelled a crude remark, and I quickened my pace. Then I heard them get up. They sounded drunk, and they were yelling vulgar things at me as they pursued me. I was so scared.

I reached in my purse for the SureFire my father had given me. I didn't know what to do, so I just tightened my grip around it and walked faster. Then, out of nowhere, I felt one of them grab my arm. I turned around, and without even thinking, I switched on the light and pointed it right at them. They all ducked and covered their eyes from the blast of light, and that was all I needed to start running and make my way back safely to my dorm, where I immediately called the police. A few days later, I heard they found the guys and they were expelled. I was so relieved. My dad has always been there to protect me, but since he can't now since I'm so far away, he's doing it through the SureFire Defender he gave me.

Holly W.
Hellertown, PA

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A couple of weeks ago, I was walking home solo late at night. There were lots of hyped-up drunks exiting the bars, so I chose my route home carefully. I didn't think about all the house parties going on, however. A few blocks from my house, I noticed two intoxicated males leave a shabby apartment building and turn up the street toward me. I had that old gut instinct feeling, so I put both straps of my backpack on, cinched it up tight, and put my hands in my pockets, my left gripping my SureFire E2D LED Defender®, my right gripping my pocket knife. I gave a wide berth to the two drunks, but as I did, the hairs on the back of my neck rose. Within seconds of passing them, one of them smashed a bottle and rushed me, saying he was going to "f--k me up." I spun on my heels, pulled my SureFire and blinded him with the high beam. At the same time, I pulled out my knife and it clacked open and the blade locked in place loudly. The buddy kind of stood there, swaying and blinking, holding the broken bottle in his hand, while his friend rushed him, shoved him to the ground, and yelled that everything was okay and his friend was just drunk, meant no harm, and wasn't a threat. He was right; his buddy was no longer a threat, thanks to my bright flashlight saving the day yet again.

Arlo B.
Vancouver, Canada

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My family owns a coffee estate up in the mountains of El Salvador, Central America. The situation of the country is not so good, so we need to protect ourselves in some way. I am a flashlight addict and recently bought a G2ZX CombatLight® from SureFire, along with an FM34 diffuser. We were driving up to the plantation after dark, around 6:00 p.m., in March. It was the rainy season, which means we get fog almost every day. As we went off-road, the fog started to close in. Suddenly, my father slammed on the brakes and we squealed to a stop, only inches from a big cedar trunk blocking the roadway. The rain hadn't been hard enough to start producing landslides yet such a trunk in the middle of the road made us suspicious.

I wrapped my G2ZX around my hand and un-holstered my .40 caliber S&W, just in case. As we backed up, two shadows appeared on the right side of the car. I directed my G2ZX in their direction, and the 200-lumen beam managed to punch through the thick fog and light up the face of an individual whose intentions did not appear to be friendly. The guy took off running, and so did his partner, fleeing into thick mountain shrubs. Thanks to the G2ZX's piercing beam, the situation didn't escalate and it wasn't necessary to resort to lethal force. Thank you for a great product, SureFire.

Rodrigo C.
San Salvador, El Salvador

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I'm currently working in China as an English teacher, and I live in an area that borders run-down, dimly lit slums that are endemic of many Chinese cities. In these areas, foreigners are a strange and unique sight and often attract attention, usually harmless but occasionally of a more malicious nature. In addition, it is a commonly held belief that all foreigners are extremely wealthy. Walking home one night, I noticed three young Chinese men emerge from a dark recess and step out in front of me. One of them, seemingly encouraged by the presence his friends, came straight at me, trying to grab my bag. I instinctively took a step back, pulled out my >6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX Tactical --Ed.] that was riding in my jacket pocket, and gave him a point-blank, momentary burst of 120 lumens. The young man, no doubt stunned by the light, actually fell over backwards. At this point, his two friends, now confronted by the same beam and a screaming foreigner, scurried away, with their downed-and-disoriented friend scrambling to keep up. Although I don't think my life was at risk, I nearly lost my laptop, phone, and wallet. I must admit that I was a little shocked at how effective a deterrent my 6PL proved to be, but a deterrent it was. Ever since that night I give the darkest parts of my walk home a once-over with the light, and I haven't had any problems.

James C.
Miami, FL

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It was around 2:00 a.m., on a Saturday night, when I was awakened by loud bangs in the front of my property. I got up and had a look through the window and saw two thugs kicking at my fence. I got dressed and very cautiously I went out front with my E2DL Defender® in hand. Both of the men had already moved on and were about 30 meters down the road. I inspected the fence with the 5-lumen low beam, checking for any damage. At that stage, the two men turned and saw me. With fists clenched, they starting walking toward me with haste. When they were approximately 20 meters away, I pointed the E2DL Defender straight at them and clicked on the 200-lumen high beam, lighting them both up. They stopped in their tracks and shielded their eyes. I did not say a word and didn't take the beam off of them as they stood there looking rather confused for about 10 seconds, wondering whether they should continue or scram. Finally, one of them said to the other, "It's like looking at the sun," and the other one muttered something back. Then they both turned and walked off in the opposite direction. When you cannot identify someone or see what weapons they may or may not have, it leaves some serious doubt in the mind of a would-be assailant. I would say that's what happened in this case.

Roy R.
Invercargill, New Zealand

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I work as a bouncer in a club. One night, two groups were fighting in the parking lot in front of the club. When the other bouncers and I arrived on the scene, we told the brawlers to stop and leave, but they started to verbally threaten us. A fight then broke out between them and us. The guy in front of me was about to hit me when I flashed the 80-lumen beam of my G2Z LED CombatLight® directly into his eyes, stunning him. I was then able to step back and give him a powerful front kick to his chest. He didn't ask for any more and quickly surrendered. Thanks, SureFire.

Seimon B.
St. Lambert, QC

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While on a trip, I purchased a SureFire 6P® LED Defender® [superseded by the 6PX Defender®. While I was driving home, I remember thinking to myself how much grief my wife gave me after purchasing my SureFire E2L Outdoorsman a few years back, and how I could probably expect the same with this purchase. I was returning home from that trip, and it was late when I pulled into a rest stop. As I parked my truck, I noticed that the only vehicle was a small truck parked about 75 yards away. As I exited my truck, I dropped my Glock into my coat pocket and I carried my 6PD in my hand and headed for the restroom. While returning to my vehicle I saw a man peering into my truck window and pulling on the locked door handle. Just then, another man stepped out of the shadows about eight feet away, walked right into my space, and asked me for gas money loud enough for his partner to hear. I pushed him out of my space while raising my 6PD above my shoulder, but he came right back at me, grabbing me by the coat. I activated the light in his eyes, but that did not stop him until I struck him in the forehead with a short sharp strike of the crenellated bezel. When I brought the 6PD back into position, I could see the strike bezel's pattern on his forehead; then blood starting to roll down his face, and the fight was over for him.

He released me and ran off in the direction he came from. As I brought my attention back to his partner, who was now about 20 feet away and moving towards me fast, I instantly grabbed the 6PD with my left hand and pulled my Glock out of my pocket, holding it at my side in his sight. He turned and ran off in the same direction as his partner. They both jumped into their small truck and, after a minute or two of trying to start the engine, they took off in a hurry down the Interstate. After collecting myself, I called the police with my cell phone to report the incident. When the officer asked me to describe them, I gave him the usual description. When they asked about distinguishing marks, I couldn't keep from laughing. Thanks, SureFire.

Andrew B.
Chadron, NE

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One night, as I was taking a hike in the woods, I noticed a large group of teenagers who started walking right behind me. They seemed very suspicious, like they were up to no good. At the time, I was lighting my way with my E2D LED Defender®, set on the low 5-lumen mode. Suddenly, one of the teens ran in front of me and demanded that I give him my money or he would punch me. At that point, I turned off my E2DL and then quickly turned it back on, locking it into its 120-lumen "high" mode, and pointed it right in his eyes. He closed his eyes, and then, with an overhand motion, I punched him in the shoulder with the light's Strike Bezel®. As he fell to the ground, screaming in pain, I lighted up his group of friends. They all said that they were extremely sorry and not to hurt them.

I continued my walk down the trail, calling the police. Then I watched the cops escort the teenagers out of the woods and into the parking lot. The teen I hit with the bezel required medical attention for a fractured shoulder blade. Several of the teens were found to have switch blades on them, and I was congratulated by the cops for my brave act and refusing to fall victim to those punks. Thanks, SureFire, for helping me to bring down a bad guy.

Pawel S.
Garfield, NJ

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While walking my dog at midnight, a car drove by me after skidding around a corner, blowing off the stop sign. A few minutes later, it did the same thing, but this time came out of a street ahead of me, turning towards me, about 75 yards away. I flashed my U2 Ultra a couple of times on the ground in front of me, as they were on the wrong side of the street coming straight toward me. The car slowed as it drove past me, and then I heard it make a U-turn and saw the headlights sweep past me. A door opened as the car slowed down. Behind me, I heard footsteps running at me. It was nearly black out, with no streetlights. I carry a legally concealed handgun, so I drew it and paired it with my U2, prepared for the worst. As I drew a bead and yelled "Stop," using the U2's full setting to light up the scene, I saw a kid in a knit cap bearing down on me. Yep, a kid maybe 18. The light from the U2 was bright enough for me to see him and stunned him, making him stumble and change direction back toward the car. He jumped in and they sped away. Turns out that was graduation night, and these kids were just out having some fun, feeling a bit full of themselves. A weaker light wouldn't have let me properly assess the potential threat. My SureFire U2 saved that kid's life.

Scott V.
Los Alamos, NM

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I work security for an apartment complex that consists mostly of several blocks of dimly lit, mostly abandoned tenement housing. The area is widely known for its poverty and high crime rate, and a common problem we are having is with thieves who break into the abandoned apartments to steal the copper piping out of the walls to recycle for cash at the local salvage yards. One night I saw a couple of guys in one of the abandoned sections of the property. I approached them as quietly as I could and then pulled out my E2D LED Defender® and shined 120 lumens worth of scrutiny onto the situation. The two men were quickly blinded and startled. I don't know what they were there for, but they didn't hang around to clarify their presence they both jumped into a nearby pick-up truck and sped away.

Nicholas G.
Wichita, KS

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