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Hitting the Road with SureFire

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I am a crew member with a major airline and fly internationally. A few months ago, I was flying and laying over in Cali, Colombia. The Colombian people are some of the friendliest in the world, but it can also be a very dangerous place, as most people are aware. One evening, we were picked up at the airport by our contracted van, and we began making our way to the hotel. Everyone cringed when we discovered, to the surprise of the driver, that we had run out of gas! It was late, and we didn't want to be sitting ducks in a van pulled off the dark road, so I pulled out my U2 Ultra and, like a row of nocturnal ducks, we headed down the road to the nearest phone. The light from my U2 on full power made our walk safer, and instead of dread, the experience took on a comical aspect. The rest of the crew had taken out their two-AA-cell flashlights the FAA requires crews to carry, but they quickly put them away with disgust and embarrassment. Anyway, we made it to the hotel safely, and the experienced quickly assuaged any doubt I had about spending almost $300 for a flashlight. Nothing even remotely compares to these lights for power and reliability.

Kevin S.
Sunrise, FL

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My December 29, 2005 trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for my wedding was phenomenal. The marriage was performed outside on a beautiful, moonless night. Unfortunately, after the wedding, one of our wedding guests had an accident when their motorbike plunged into a canal nearby. Two people were injured, but to add insult to injury, one of the victims also lost her bracelet. One of the passengers asked me if he could use my SureFire L4 Lumamax to search for the lost bracelet. He was amazed by the brightness of the L4. He said that, as soon as he turned on the flashlight, the powerful L4 reflected off the bracelet, making it look like it was floating on the water. Now I have more love for my L4, and I'€™m looking forward to investing in an M6 Guardian [superseded by the M6LT--Ed.]. (Hopefully without ending up in the divorce court.)

Anthony P.
Saint Paul, MN

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I just recently got back from vacationing in Spain with my family. Well one night we all decided to have a picnic on the beach in Valencia. We watched the sunset and my wife, father, and sister decided to go check out the surf. It being dark I handed my father my E1L Outdoorsman to navigate by. My mother and I watched them slowly make their way to the surf (which was easy because we could see the E1L's beam). As they were standing there a group of Spanish fishermen totally went wild over the light. My sister came running back and said they wanted to know what kind of light it was and where they could get one! Well, they wouldn't give the light back until they had SureFire's website address! So you may be getting a lot of inquires about your products from southern Spain soon!

Kelly M.
Sacramento, CA

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On Christmas of 2005, I met my neighbor's son he was going to Costa Rica with his girlfriend, who studies snakes. He was curious about the flashlight in my hands; I was holding a U2 Ultra. I said, "Sorry, you can't have my U2, but I can lend you my E1L Outdoorsman with an SC3 spares carrier." Two weeks later, I ran into his dad, and he said, ´Wait til you hear the story of Scott's trip." It seems they took a walk at night with a guide and some tourist to look at the wildlife. The guide's light went out, and Scott, with his SureFire, saved the day. Without it they may have stepped on some serious poisonous snakes and spiders. Scott later told me he had all of the young ladies holding onto him because he was the only one with a light. In his own words: "This light is a babe magnet!" He has since purchased an E1L for himself as I wanted mine back. Right on, SureFire.

Thierry L.
Fort Bragg, CA

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I recently took a trip to Vietnam. After leaving Ho Chi Minh City on a motor scooter and travelling 200 km north, I arrived at Cat Tien National Park. At dusk, the guides begin prepping several spotlights hooked up to extra-large batteries. We loaded up the ragged Toyota and headed out into the park. A few kilometers down the trail, I remembered I had my SureFire E2D LED Defender® in my pocket. I had been carrying it more for personal protection in Ho Chi Minh City than for light, but I decided I would flash it where the guides were not shining their lights. My little torch was brighter than their eight-inch-diameter spotlights wired to 12-volt truck batteries, which baffled the park guides. Five guides were excitedly yelling with amazement in Vietnamese, which made for a hysterical scene. I'd become so accustomed to my Defender that I actually forgot how powerful it actually is.

James E.
Rock Hill, SC

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