During a solo canoe expedition on the Mississippi River, I had a choice to make: dig in and weather the four days of coming thunderstorms or paddle the one-hundred-mile leg of the journey to Memphis, TN. The only problem was, about fifty miles of the paddle would be at night. Lucky for me, I made the wise decision to purchase a 6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX Tacitcal--Ed.] for the journey. As the sun fell and I slipped into the darkness, I could only guess what I was in for. Canoeing down the flooded river was challenging enough during the day, and surely the night would add more variables to the equation. I held tightly to my GPS, VHF radio, and 6P—all tools I trusted to see me through. The FM35 red filter was incredibly useful for reading the navigational charts, and with the easy flip of a switch, the powerful LED light pierced the humid darkness and illuminated channel markers. The intensity of the 6P LED may have confused towboat pilots into thinking I was a larger vessel, but it served to let them know I was coming through. The journey was a success. Thanks for showing me the way.

Kristian G.
Libertyville, IL

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