While I was in a pharmacy in Haiti, I suddenly felt the ground shaking beneath me. I rushed toward the exit, thinking to myself, "Earthquake, earthquake!" It was the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th, 2010. I could see plumes of dust from crashing homes floating up in the sky as the earth shook. The following days would be in total blackout, without any electricity. That's where my E1L Outdoorsman came in handy. It was bright enough to pierce through the dark and dusty air of the pitch-black streets of Port-au-Prince. As it's not safe to sleep inside concrete houses, I used the Z61 switch I have on my E1L flashlight as a stand so it lit up my entire tent. I get a proud feeling whenever I hear someone say, "such a bright light for such a small flashlight." Thanks for making this strong and durable product. It's just what I needed in the aftermath of an earthquake.

Osner F.
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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