My little SureFire E1L Outdoorsman survived a grueling wheat harvest season. It traveled from Electra, Texas, to Shelby, Montana, and never once failed. And now it will make the journey all over. One night I was called off from driving the truck just so the boss could use my flashlight when we had a midnight breakdown of one of the combines. When I arrived, he had a huge four-D-cell light with a faded yellow beam; I think a lighter would have given off more light. I pulled my E1L out of my pocket, and it lit up the engine compartment bright as day. With all of the rain Texas had in 2007, downtime was not an option. We replaced the part and the combine was up and running by morning. It's nice to know that my SureFire helped fix breakdowns but never had one.

Ryan R.
Sandston, VA

See the E1L flashlight: