I would like to say thank you for providing such a great product. I work for a local municipality and received an emergency call late one night from our local dispatch about a downed overhead high-voltage line across a street that our local police officer was having a hard time locating. Upon arrival to the scene, I noticed the police officer on scene (a good friend of mine) wandering around, shining at the roadway with what looked like just one step up from a candle. Thankfully I had my trusty SureFire 6P® with me, because as soon as I lit it up, I noticed that the officer was within a couple of feet of the downed line. He hadn’t noticed the line because the dimness of his flashlight was forcing him to walk close to the beam—one more step and he could have been toast! We barricaded the street until the power company arrived, and he thanked me for probably saving his life. I told him that I couldn’t have done it without my little buddy from SureFire. Thanks from a true believer.

Joel Z.
Ithaca, MI

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