I run five miles a few times a week, and I push my daughter in a running stroller. I generally try to get back home before dusk, but on this particular night, I took an unfamiliar route. With about a mile left to run, it was already dark, and there was no sidewalk for the last mile of this excursion, so I had to share the edge of the road with oncoming traffic. Good thing I had my6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX Tactical--Ed.] in the side pocket of the stroller. I whipped it out and used its tactical tailcap to create a strobe effect as cars came into view. Every single vehicle that passed slowed down and moved over to share the road. I won't be going on any more runs after dark with my daughter, but good thing I had my SureFire that night. Thanks for making dependable tools for everyday situations.

Josh S. Charlotte, NC

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