The day after going out and purchasing my new 6P® LED flashlight [superseded by the 6PX Tactical--Ed.], I went on an extremely tough off-road trail with an off-roading club. Damage to the Jeeps we were using was highly probable on this particular trail due to the large boulders peppering it. It took us all day to complete the trail, and we arrived back on pavement after dark. We were talking about how great it was that we got through the trail without any problems when suddenly the Jeep began to violently shake back and forth and up and down. We pulled over to have a look. The more experienced wheelers were looking under the jeep, with their Mini Mags, which quickly went dead. That's when I pulled out my 6P LED and it lit the underside of the jeep so completely that it was almost too bright to look at. The trail guide was able to make a temporary fix to the axel and tie rod, and were able to get back to town where we could make a more permanent fix. Thanks, SureFire.

Anthony C.
Vista, CA

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