My best friend and I had been planning a mountain-climbing trip for months, and we decided to traverse across a section of the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. We planned for the trip to take a few days, so laden with all our gear, he and I set out in mid-December. After one day, we set up camp at the summit of one mountain, around 3800 feet of elevation. Between the snow, sleet, and brutal wind, my partner was slipping into hypothermia. Being too far away for rescue, and having no cell service to call for help, we packed up that night and climbed down the rocky, treacherous terrain in the dark except for the light from the end of my SureFire L4 LumaMax®. I dropped the light countless times, climbing over the boulders, and watched it fall against rocks, into shin-deep snow, and submersed under creek water. Never once did my L4 waiver in its ability to illuminate the path to safety. Without that light, my friend in all likelihood wouldn't be here today. I am forever grateful for my L4, that little piece of life-saving equipment.

Taylor B.
Alexandria, VA

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