I'm a volunteer for my local ambulance service, and one dark night we got called to a job where someone had fallen. It turns out our patient had fallen down a four-meter vertical bank off a deserted gravel road, and there was no lighting available. My partner used his service-issue torch to have a look down at the patient, but it didn't really light much up. Then I pulled out my SureFireL4 LumaMax®, and it was like I turned on the sun. We could see down the bank and clearly see our patient. I used my light to hunt for a clear path down, which I found, and quickly learned that our patient had a fractured and dislocated ankle. With the darkness and limited space restraints, we had to call in a rescue squad to scoop the patient out with a stokes basket. When they arrived, I used my L4 to light up the scene. Every time I shined my torch in a different direction, it was like the sun turned off. Everyone was impressed with my L4's performance, as their torches looked like matches compared to mine! We got the patient out of there and to the hospital, but, if it hadn't been for my SureFire, the job would have been 10 times more difficult!

Nick B.
Wellington, NZ

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