I recently traveled to Cape York, on a week long fishing trip with my two brothers and few friends. Big tidal movement can leave you stranded in these remote parts of Australia, with even bigger crocodiles, a situation we found ourselves in after fishing all day in Dinner Creek. Anchored at the mouth of the creek, we awaited the rise of the tide. As night fell, the wind picked up and things weren't looking so good. The hours went by, and the tide was finally high enough at around 9.30 pm to head back to camp. So we set out into the open ocean, conditions worsening. I was wearing my SureFire Minimus® headlamp and my U2 Ultra clenched in one fist. The ocean was rough, with waves crashing over the top of our very small, open aluminum boat. The Saint was just that, guiding us though the white water. And the U2 carved a path through the blackness of the maze of mangrove-flanked tributaries. I can honestly say that, in all my 39 years, I have never been so terrified. Thanks to the brilliance of SureFire, we made it home safely. Thank you to all of the staff at SureFire for your dedication in producing such faultless products. The dark can be a very lonely place.

Marc M.
Cairns, Australia

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