I work at a small magazine in New York City and, while our offices are new, our building is old and prone to maintenance problems. Our magazine's beloved founder died two years ago, and we keep a unique collection of his writings and personal effects in our storage room. For the posterity of our small operation and our devoted readers, some of these pieces of history are quite literally priceless and are memories of the man whose pastoral writings have endeared him to our many readers for decades.

A few weeks ago, we narrowly avoided a catastrophic loss of all of them. Just before the close of the business day, a water heater ruptured in the ceiling directly above our storage room, and we had mere seconds to save our founder's papers and effects. With water streaming from the storeroom ceiling at an alarming rate, most of our overhead lights went out, and attempting to turn them on again was an electrocution hazard. With no windows in the room, we would have been reduced to pitch-darkness had I not had my ultra-bright (and fortunately waterproof) G2X Pro flashlight, which provided more than ample illumination for the entire room. With only seconds before the water would ruin the stacked cardboard boxes and their contents, the light from my G2X allowed us to identify the most important items just before the water got to them. At one point during the rush, someone pulled out a smart phone with a gimmicky "flashlight" screen feature, and I couldn't help but laugh, seeing how SureFire easily redefined the term "flashlight" in every meaningful way. We wouldn't have been able to save irreplaceable pieces of our magazine's history if it weren't for your trusty light. Thanks, SureFire.

Kevin J.
New York, NY

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