We were on a summer boating trip and, one extremely dark night tied up to a dock at a marine park attached to a large campground on Keats Island, we started hearing a child screaming. He sounded like he was in a lot of pain. Everyone who was awake scrambled from their boats to see what the problem was. It was hard to pinpoint where the screaming was coming from, so I pulled out my SureFire Fury and, on its high setting, started scanning the docks and the beach. It was a couple hundred yards to the beach, but I was able to locate the child who was hurt—he’d fallen in some logs that were high up on the beach. I kept my light focused onto the child while I made my way up the docks and onto the bridge attached to the Island. The whole time I was able to illuminate the fallen child so other people could get to him and help him.

Turned out the boy had fallen on some slippery logs, twisted his knee, and was stuck and terrified. The parents and several others were able to extract him successfully. They thanked me for locating the boy and lighting up the area so they could get to him. Many of them had flashlights, but none of them were much use beyond 20 feet or so. One man was completely shocked to see that I wasn't holding a giant spotlight and couldn't believe so much light could come from such a small flashlight. Numerous people left the beach, stating they had to get themselves a SureFire. I couldn't agree more. It's my faithful companion everywhere I go.

Tim D.
West Vancouver, British Columbia

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