I worked for an American corporation here in Kuala Lumpur, and I work the night shift. One night, after midnight, I was driving back from “lunch” and got stopped by a police roadblock. An officer checked my driver’s license and informed me that my license had expired two months earlier. I apologized and explained that I sincerely had forgotten about the expiration date, but he instructed me to park and get out of the car.

I parked by the roadside, and the officer began taking down my information. He used a small, police-issued LED light made by another manufacturer to write up the ticket, but the light was dim and he was having difficulty reading the small print on my license. So I fished the SureFire E2D LED Defender® that I always carry out of my pocket and clicked it on. The first click activated its 200 lumens and lit up the night like daylight, so I clicked to the secondary 5-lumen beam, which was still brighter than the officer’s flashlight. The officer was so impressed with my light that he asked if he could “test out” my SureFire. I handed my light to him, and he liked it so much that he asked me where he could get one, maybe even two, of his own. We chatted for a bit, and then, to my pleasant surprise, he smiled and said he’d let me off with a warning.

Thanks, SureFire, for making one hell of a great product. Great enough to get me out of a ticket by impressing a Malaysian police officer.

Azaly R.
Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

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