I've had my SureFire U2 Ultra for about five years now, and it has come in handy thousands of times. It’s even saved my life. My buddy and I were hunting up in the woods in northern Maine in late November. We were out pretty late on an unsuccessful day of deer hunting when we decided to call it a day. We decided to take a short cut through the woods, so I lent my buddy my 6P and I used my U2. We were only about a tenth of a mile into the woods when I heard a huge roar and something come crashing through the trees, heading right in my direction. My buddy and I both turned our lights in the direction of the noise to reveal a big black bear charging us.

With only a few seconds to react, my buddy kept his light locked on the bear while I brought up my 30-06, clicked the safety off, and put the cross hairs on him and fired. That bear tumbled down the rest of the hill and landed just three yards from my feet. I’m not sure what made that bear so angry, but I sure as hell know I'm glad I always keep my SureFire close and ready. Had we not had those bright lights, I don’t think I would’ve made the shot that saved our lives.

Matt S.
Gray, ME

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