I've carried an E2D LED Defender® with me for about a year now, and before that I used to carry a regular E2D Defender, which my girlfriend has since confiscated for her own use. On a recent camping trip, I was returning to my cabin one night when I heard a terrible animal scream coming from the tree line. It sounded like a cat fighting for its life.

I pulled out my trusty E2DL and lit up the area where the sound was coming from. The powerful beam lit up two coyotes that had just emerged from the tree line, and they froze in place, startled by the light. A third coyote popped out of the nearby grass, and then all three took off for the safety of the woods. I tried looking for the cat but couldn't find it anywhere. I hoped it managed to get away, but from the sounds it made I didn't think it had much of a chance.

The next afternoon I ran into the campground groundskeeper and told her about the noises I'd heard. She got a startled look on her face and exclaimed how she had just returned from the vet with her cat because his leg was torn up and he needed stitches. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for scaring away the coyotes and saving her cat's life. I showed her my light, and she couldn't believe the little E2DL was powerful enough to light up the woods from so far away and scare off the coyote pack. This event has reassured my faith in my SureFire. I won't go anywhere without my Defender.

Jacob F.
Denver, NC

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