I've been using SureFire flashlights for several years now and have several. I recently upgraded my everyday carry light to your SureFire E1B Backup®, and this is the flashlight I've been waiting for! Ultra powerful and ultra compact—the best of both worlds. As a firefighter, I rely on a powerful flashlight in pretty much any rescue situation. Recently, my SureFire E1B Backup® saved the day on the scene of a call. Our engine was out, doing training in one of the local neighborhoods, when we were approached by two animal control officers who asked for our assistance. A dog was barking from the storm drain of the sewer. We helped them pry the lid off the manhole cover, and the animal control officers tried to light the area with their off-brand, standard-issue flashlights, which only lit up a tiny area inside the vault of the sewer.

We tried one of our big, bulky flashlights that we carry on the engine, but its size made it too awkward to hold and look down the manhole at the same time. So I pulled out my Backup. The whole vault area instantly lit up from the 80 lumens coming out of the tiny light in my hand. It even out-performed our big, bulky, box-style flashlight. Once we could see the area, we noticed a pipe in the back corner of the vault that led to another vault about 150 feet away. We pulled the cover off the other manhole, and when I shined my light down there, I discovered a very frightened Labrador puppy cowering in the darkness. While I lit the way with my E1B, one of the animal control officers climbed down and coaxed the dog into her arms. We pulled the officer and the puppy up to safety and returned the dog to its grateful owner. Thanks, Surefire, for making excellent gear that aids so many firefighters and rescue workers and other public safety agencies across the country. I look forward to seeing what new and innovative products you come up with next. You definitely have a customer for life!

Davis S.
Springfield, VA

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