I was working nights in southern Texas, hidden in dense brush and trees near a well-used smuggling route. My partner was hidden about 150 yards away, across a field. We intended to ambush a group of smugglers we were expecting to take the path that night, and had backup waiting in vehicles nearby.

Around 00:30, I heard quiet rustling in the brush a several yards in front of me. I had seen a mountain lion not far from there the previous night, so I immediately drew my pistol and SureFire R1 Lawman flashlight, but I did not turn it on, as I didn't want to compromise my position and there was a small amount of moonlight to see by. After a few minutes of quiet searching, without seeing anything, I decided the rustling must have been a possum or some other small animal, so I put my pistol back but kept my SureFire handy. A couple of minutes later, I heard the same quiet rustling, but from behind me this time. I drew my pistol as I turned, and not twenty feet away crouched the mountain lion I had seen the previous night. It had been slowly circling and creeping up on me in the dense brush, and now there was nothing between us but a bit of shrubbery! As I drew a bead on its head, I gave it a blinding momentary flash of the 750-lumen fury from my Lawman. The cat froze for an instant, then turned tail and bounded into the foliage.

If I hadn't had my SureFire handy, I could have been killed had that lion jumped and I missed my shot. Or, if I’d shot and hit it, my position would have been blown, the entire operation would have been scrubbed, and my team and I would have spent the rest of the night at the station doing paperwork. Thanks to the brightness of my SureFire Lawman, and its momentary-on feature, I was able to avert a potential cougar attack without firing a shot, compromising my position, or even making a sound.

Alex O.
McAllen, TX

See the R1 flashlight: