A couple of years back, when the SureFire L4 LumaMax® first came out, I got one of the first ones produced. I carried it every day for probably a year, and it endured countless drops onto concrete, dunks in water, and overall general rough treatment. Eventually, I gave the light to a friend of mine, as he didn't have a good flashlight of his own.

Well, one beautiful fall day, my friend and I were out on a hike in a wildlife preserve near where I live. We both really enjoyed the hike; however, upon our return to our vehicles, my friend noticed that the L4 I'd given him was missing. He was pretty distraught, but there wasn't much we could do it was getting dark, and we'd walked over five miles of trails, way too much to search after dark so he resigned himself to the loss. A few months later, my dad and I decided to go on the same hike at the same wildlife preserve. We jokingly told my friend that we'd keep an eye out for his L4, knowing there was virtually no chance we'd find it. Well, about an hour into the hike my dad said, "Look," and there, stuck in the mud, was my friends L4. I picked it up out of the mud and clicked it on, and it worked! That light had survived over a foot of snow, repeated freezing and thawing, and over two months in the elements, with no adverse effects.

I ended up trading my buddy another light for this L4, and I still carry it every day on my duty belt. Thanks for making such reliable products.

Micah L.
Homer, NE

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