I had just received my SureFire E2DL and wanted to test its brightness, so I decided to go out to the mining tower on the edge of town. I spoke with some of the guys who were working, and they told me I could go down into the mine and test it in complete darkness. I rode down on the elevator, and when I reached the bottom and turned it on, it lit up the whole mining shaft!

After looking around for a few hours, I headed back up. On the way up, I realized my light had fallen out of my pocket. After searching the elevator and bottom of the shaft for hours, I finally gave up and headed home. The next day, someone was knocking on my door. It was the manager of the mines, holding my E2DL. He told me that they'd found the light under the elevator, jamming the gears. He was amazed that it hadn't been crushed under the pressure, and so was I. Thanks, SureFire, for making such elite products that I now know will survive just about anything.

Zachary R.
West Frankfort, IL

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