I'm in an Army EOD unit in West Virginia, and while setting up for the last shot of the day, the darkness began to creep in. I finished priming my shots and headed up-range to grab my trusty SureFire 6P Original with a high-output P61 bulb. I chose this light because when the fog sets in here it's about as thick as peanut butter. So I grabbed my 6P, fired it up, and headed back downrange to see where my initiators were. I got to the range to find my 2 initiators yelling, "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" I hear pop pop€ and see smoke, so I drop my 6P and beat feet back up-range to the demo bunker. While I'm in the bunker waiting for a blast, I realized that I don't have my 6P on me, but it's way too late to go back downrange. Suddenly, a thunderous blast hit, and I saw a flicker of light about 400 meters from where the blast went off. When it was all clear, I walked towards where I saw the flicker and found my 6P lying on the ground. It looked like it was hit by rocks and frag, but when I picked it up and turned it on it fired right up and worked just fine. SureFire flashlights are truly the finest that money can buy.

Eric Z.
Albany, NY

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