I am a police officer with a medium-sized agency in Southern California. In December of last year, my wife gave me a SureFire X300® Ultra to replace the X200 I’d been using for almost seven years on my issued Glock 17. I was already familiar with the improved quality of the X300—I had seen it many times in the field in a variety of incidents (searches, hot-stops, etc.)—but I’d stuck with my X200 because it just would not die. When it started to act up last year, I contacted SureFire, sent it in for repairs, and they sent it back to me good as new. Well, my X200 is now mounted on my SIRT training pistol that I use for dry-fire practice, and it works as good as it did the day I got it. It's a little scratched up, but that just gives it character and shows how well-built these little lights are and how much punishment they can take.

Despite seeing several in action, I was unprepared for the truly superb quality and luminosity of the X300 Ultra. This light is built to the same high quality standards as all of the Surefire products I have ever owned and/or worked with during my law enforcement career. The intensity of the light that this WeaponLight produces is second to none when it comes to pistol-mounted lights. It turns night into day in my little piece of the world. Well, in January, I had the opportunity to put my new X300 Ultra to the test.

My partner and I contacted a subject sleeping in a car that did not belong to him, in the parking lot of a local apartment complex. The car’s position forced my partner and me to contact the subject on the driver’s side, as the front and passenger side of the car were too close to a retaining wall for either of us to set up anywhere else. As my partner rapped on the closed driver’s window to wake up the suspect, I illuminated the rear seat and floorboard area with my X300U. The suspect awoke immediately and thrust his right arm between the front seats, towards the passenger-side floorboard. I pointed my light (and weapon muzzle) at the suspect’s right arm and hand and immediately ordered the suspect to place both hands on the steering wheel. The suspect complied, and we were able to remove him from the car without further incident. The suspect turned out to be a parolee with a history of violence, and during the search of the car, I found a semi-automatic pistol tucked under the front passenger seat, right where the suspect had been reaching.

Without the light provided by my X300 Ultra, I might’ve missed the suspect’s lunge for that pistol inside the dark car, and he could’ve fired at my partner or me. I am convinced that, without the high-intensity light provided by the X300 Ultra, this incident could have had a very different—and potentially tragic—outcome.

Tyrus M.
Oceanside, CA

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