I was working an early morning night shift when a call for service came across the radio for a possible home invasion. The caller, a nearby resident, had seen a subject armed with a shotgun approach a man entering his home and then they apparently entered the home together. Upon arrival my partner retrieved his patrol shotgun equipped with a Surefire DSF forend from the patrol car and proceeded up the steps to the front door. I joined him on the steps with my patrol rifle equipped with a SureFire M500 WeaponLight.

Two other officers arrived and I instructed them to move to the sides of the residence for perimeter security. My partner announced police presence and then the door opened and a very distraught female began to scream, "He's in there! He has a gun!" My partner entered the residence, and I raised my rifle and took to the front steps to join him. Then, a single shotgun blast, from just inside the door.

Hearing the shot, I entered the house and encountered the same distraught female who’d opened the door. Moving her behind me, I escorted her out to the front porch. Upon reentry, my M500 allowed me to see my partner to my right, confirming that he was the one who fired the weapon and was not injured. He advised me there was a subject armed with a shotgun in the residence. While clearing room to room, I encountered several members of the family that resided there, but my light's focused, blinding beam allowed me to clearly establish the difference between threat and victim. With that light source, I was able move each of the victims, including several small children, to safety while clearing the residence in an effective manner. The suspect was not struck by my partner’s fire and fled the home out a rear door. He was not struck by my partner's fire.

There’s no doubt that my patrol rifle equipped with the M500 WeaponLight allowed me to enter and gain control of a dark and chaotic situation in which multiple victims' lives were in danger. The weight of the lighting system did not weigh the rifle down and allowed for easy one-handed operation while using the other hand to escort victims to safety. SureFire products are without equal. They excel in not only quality but in ease of control and weight. My personal weapon systems all utilize SureFire lighting. Your products provide me with security in an otherwise unsecured world, both on and off duty.

Evan W.
Danville, VA

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