After a short vehicle pursuit, we pursued four offenders into a house, and while we quickly secured the first three, the fourth seemed to have eluded us. Two of my team searched the rear yard with their standard-issue flashlights and cleared the yard. I was convinced he had not left the property, so I searched the backyard with my E2D LED Defender® Ultra.

The backyard was the usual overgrown jungle, with thick bushes around the fence line. As I searched the bushes with my flashlight's 500 lumens piercing even the thickest foliage, I was able pick out his legs among the shadows, where he had worked himself between the fence and the thick bushes. We were able to disarm him of his knife and arrest him, a fugitive we had been after for two weeks. We were also able to recover valuable stolen property that he'd concealed with him.

Without my Defender, he would have sat out our search, not been arrested that night, and continued his meth-fueled crime spree, creating more and more victims in the process. Thanks, SureFire.

Gavin M.
Anglesea, Victoria, Austrailia

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