While serving as chief of police, in Ft. Yukon, Alaska, I was dispatched to a domestic violence call at 3:30 am—and -36° F. A man had beaten his wife and left their residence, and when he returned, his wife had locked the door and the man began banging on the side of the house with a gun, stating he was going to kill her.

When I arrived, the man was concealed in a shed, in the yard. If it wasn’t for my SureFire 6P, I wouldn’t have been able to see him—and that he was armed with a 7mm magnum rifle. My SureFire was so bright that the man kept repeating for me to get that bright ‘GD’ light out of his eyes. It gave me the only tactical advantage I had, since I was standing in the open front yard, covered in snow, under a street light. Unfortunately, things escalated, and I had to shoot the individual when he pointed the rifle at me, but if it hadn’t been for my SureFire, things could’ve turned out much worse for me.

You guys make amazing products that make a world of difference. I have SureFire lights on my AR15, shotgun, and duty belt. And that 6P I used was given to me by my sister the day I graduated the academy—16 years ago.

Joseph W.
Winchester, KY

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