My shift partner and I were dispatched to check out a group of disorderly subjects at one of the local apartment complexes, known to be a place where drugs are used and sold. My partner went around the front while I snuck in the back to catch any subjects who might run. I pulled up to the rear of one of the buildings, and someone ran out of the shadows when he saw my patrol car.

I gave chase, my SureFire P2X Fury in hand. The subject ran out of the front of the apartment towards the woods. Everywhere I shined my Fury, the subject ran away from. He ran in front of a speeding car, and I used the 500-lumen beam to light him up so he wouldn’t get hit. The subject darted into the woods, with me not far behind, and upon entering the woods a branch hit me in the face, causing me to lose sight of the subject. I turned off my Fury and waited for the subject to make a move. He did—he was picking up a big stick to hit me with. Just in time, I shined all 500 of my Fury’s lumens into his eyes, causing him to drop the stick and cover his eyes.

He was taken into custody without further incident. He told me that he was wanted for jumping bail and, if it hadn’t been for my Fury’s overwhelming beam, he planned on hitting me with that stick, taking my gun, and fleeing. Thanks to my Fury, none of those happened. I never go on shift without it. Thanks for a great product, SureFire!

Jay D.
Seaford, DE

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