At the beginning of the year, I swapped out my department-issued weapon light for a SureFire X300. I made the switch primarily because my department-issued light put out a weak beam and always died so quickly. After training with my new X300, where it worked flawlessly and impressed my fellow trainees, I used it on duty for the first time in a building search, about a month after I got it. My partner and I responded to an alarm call, and we found an open door and a dark room. My partner did not have weapon light on his firearm, so I went in first. I turned on my X300 and lit up the entire room before we entered. It was a small room, and we cleared it quickly before entering a much larger room. My X300 lit up half of that room before we even entered it, and once inside, it lit up the rest. We could see everything-every corner, every nook and cranny. We quickly cleared that room, too, and declared the call a false alarm. I've used my X300 lots of times since that call, and I've yet to change the batteries. It is far and away the best weapon light I have every used. Thanks for making such a reliable product, SureFire.

David S.
Vista, CA

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