I'm a police officer and work fulltime as a mountain bike officer in an area with a busy club scene. One night my partner and I saw a stopped vehicle blocking a lane of traffic, with the driver out of the vehicle, dancing in the street, trying to impress some woman on the sidewalk. As we came upon the vehicle, my partner made the approach to the driver while I stayed back to keep an eye on the rear passengers. As my partner spoke with the driver, the rear passenger started to move around. I then moved up, in an attempt to get a better visual and tactical position, my gun at the ready position and my 6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX_Tacitcal--Ed.] in my non-shooting hand. The passenger lunged both of his hands under the front passenger seat. As he did, I went into combat mode and explained to him that if he so much as moved another inch, there was a high probability his friend would be cleaning brain matter from his car interior.

The passenger froze but would not obey my other commands. It was during this moment that my 6P LED revealed the butt of a black handgun only a half inch from his fingertips. After carefully explaining to him of the monumental importance of his next decision, and my excellent shooting abilities, he decided it would be in is best interest to discontinue his reach. My partner was able to gain a tactical advantage and pull him out of the car without further incident. After it was all said and done, and cuffs were on him, it turned out he was only 16 years old and thought it would be cool to drive around with a gun. The power and clarity of my SureFire flashlight hands down beats the department-issued lights I've had in the past.

James L.
Waldorf, MD

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