I was assigned to the graveyard shift, and happened to be a solo officer, when I was dispatched to a railroad yard regarding a suspicious individual. Upon arriving, I found the suspect, who ignored my verbal commands. I cautiously approached the suspect and grabbed his hand in an attempt to control him when, suddenly, the suspect spun on me and I began to receive hay-makers to the head. I soon found myself on my back, with a crazed individual on top of me, continuing to strike me in the face. As I attempted to block the blows, I heard the gut-dropping sound of "snap" my retention strap on my duty gun coming undone. I reached down with my right hand to my duty gun and found the suspect's hand trying to take my firearm. Now it was a matter of life or death. With my right hand pinning the suspect's hand on my duty gun, in an attempt to prevent him from taking my firearm, I was frantically looking for anything to use as a weapon with my left hand.

I found my trusted SureFire 6P® flashlight and used it to repel the blows to my face. When enough distance was created, I illuminated the suspect with my 6P, which caused him to instantly take his hand off my gun and shield his face from the intense light. I finally had the upper hand and was able to take him into custody. In the distance I could hear the sirens of my fellow officers responding, but I could not radio my position, as my radio was damaged in the fight. Gripping my 6P, which had just endured a hellish battle, I fired it up to signal the sea of blue looking for me. I was contacted weeks later by my patrol sergeant, who told me he received a complaint from jail. He told me that an individual was claiming I used "excessive light" and caused him to be temporarily disoriented. After a few chuckles and a hard lesson learned, I vowed to never hit the streets again without one of your products. Thank you for providing equipment that brought me home safely to my family.

Justin H.
Clovis, CA

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