Early one morning I was out tracking a carjacking suspect with my K9 partner, Sabre. I was carrying my departmental-issued Remington 870, equipped with a SureFire Dedicated Forend, across my front as I tracked the suspects. We found two suspects, one of which we cornered and captured in the backyard of a town home. I used my SureFire dedicated forend to identify the suspect and, with the help of my K9, took the suspect into custody without incident. After he was secured, we resumed our tracking, crossing a wet, wooden footbridge over a swamp. Upon reaching the end of the footbridge, I lost my footing and fell, my SureFire forend taking the brunt of the impact as my 260-pound body crashed down. I was mortified and convinced I'd just destroyed the light. But once I collected myself off the ground and tested the forend, much to my delight, it worked flawlessly. Though I did not end up locating the second suspect, it was a great seeing the toughness of your product firsthand. Thanks for making such a durable, reliable product.

CPL John S.
Bel Air, MD

See the Dedicated Forend Weaponlights for the Remington 870 shotgun: