Recently, my brother graduated from the police academy and accepted a position at our local police station. My family and I were both very proud of him and very concerned, given the inherent danger of being a police officer. To help him be safe, and add a little peace of mind for my family, I bought my brother a SureFire 6PX Tactical as a graduation gift. I’ve personally owned several SureFires and strongly believe that no other flashlight should be on his belt.

One night, while on patrol my brother ran into a dangerous situation late at night during a routine traffic stop. The suspect was driving drunk and also turned out to be violating his parole. While my brother was running the plates, the man stepped out of his vehicle with a baseball bat, knowing his cover had been blown and not wanting to return to prison. My brother, not wanting to escalate the situation to the use of lethal force, took out his 6PX and shined it in the suspect’s eyes. The man was instantly disoriented, allowing my brother to subdue him and take him into custody.

Thanks, SureFire, for doing what you do so well. I’m planning on getting my brother the new Lawman soon to complement his 6PX.

Victor P.
Hellertown, PA

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