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Backing the Boys in Blue

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I run a police dog in Western Australia, where the crooks will run the skin off bone to escape capture. On a night shift in February of 2015, I responded to an “offender on foot” incident. The offender had led police on a long pursuit before abandoning the vehicle and running off into some heavily wooded forest.

I arrived and rigged up the dog. We crossed over an old railway fence before the dog picked up a scent and took off with two local police officers in tow. About 100 yards into the track, my duty torch failed, leaving me and my dog stranded in the dark. I called back to the other officers, “My torch is toast!” One of them then made his way up to me while keeping his distance from the dog. Something bounced off of my chest and landed at my feet—it was a 2211® WristLight. I had no idea what it was, but I saw the strap and instinctively went to put it on my head, thinking it was a headlamp. “No, put it on your wrist,” the other officer said. So I quickly strapped on the light and hit the “on” switch. The strong burst of light from such a small piece of equipment was incredible and nearly knocked me off my feet as I unintentionally looked directly at the beam. In fact, it took a few moments to get my dark-adapted vision back again.

The hands-free capability of that WristLight allowed me to manage the tracking line a lot easier as we pushed on through some thick undergrowth. Another 50 yards, and the dog indicated by barking at a male offender trying to conceal himself behind a log. The offender sprung into life and attempted to run, but not before receiving a burst of light across his eyes from the 2211 WristLight I was wearing. I was just about to release the dog when the offender, in his disoriented state, ran face first into a tree, knocking himself clean out. I told him, “I know how you feel,” as the boys recovered him and put him in handcuffs.

This was my first SureFire experience, particularly with the 2211 WristLight. Awesome bit of kit, guys. I was sorry that I eventually had to hand it back to its owner!

Kyne S.
Perth, Australia

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I was working the midnight shift when a female approached my partner and asked us if we could escort her home. She stated that she had been receiving text messages from her boyfriend asking her where she was and threatening to physically harm to her. We escorted her and, as she approached her front door, my partner and I kept watch from our vehicle. Her boyfriend suddenly came rushing out of the door with a baseball bat in his hand, heading straight for her. My partner and I jumped out and yelled at the perpetrator to drop his weapon. As he closed the distance and ignored our verbal commands my partner drew his weapon and again ordered the perp to stop, but again to no avail. I then drew my weapon and my SureFire Fury® and unleashed the full 500 lumens into his face while yelling verbal commands. The perp, who had only been focused on his girlfriend, finally noticed us and stopped immediately, dropping his weapon. It turned out the perp was deaf and could not hear our verbal commands. Thanks to my SureFire Fury, a blast of blinding light was all the force that was necessary.

Michael Y.
Syosset, NY

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I am a Chinese cop and K-9 handler and also a loyal user of SureFire products. Because of the needs of my job, I always carry one or two flashlights, and they must be SureFires! While I own several models, my favorite is the E2DL Defender® Ultra.

In February of this year, I was ordered to arrest a murderer. He had killed one person with a self-made musket and fled into the mountains. That night, I took my K-9 and two other officers and we hid in a deserted house and waited for the murder suspect to return. When he arrived, I released the dog to bite him and shined my Defender flashlight at him with its strong 500-lumen beam. I rushed him, but he turned and shot me to the ground. The other officers immediately took cover and began shooting at him, but they missed. My dog saw me fall and ran to me, and when my fellow officers came to help me, the murderer fled. I told them to go after the suspect and leave me to fend for myself, and they did.

I felt severe abdominal pain and was thirsty, so I climbed up to a hidden room, but I dropped my E2DL and it fell outside. So I ordered my dog to fetch my flashlight, which he did, and I used its low setting to illuminate the wound—the bullet had penetrated my body armor and was lodged in my abdomen. I used the E2DL for illuminating ht first-aid kit to find some gauze, then to find my radio and call backup to come and support me. When help arrived, I used the high-output, 500-lumen beam to show them where I was, and they soon found me, administered first aid, and got me to a hospital in time to survive.

Thank you, SureFire!

Li J.
Heng Yang, Hu Nan Province, China

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After a short vehicle pursuit, we pursued four offenders into a house, and while we quickly secured the first three, the fourth seemed to have eluded us. Two of my team searched the rear yard with their standard-issue flashlights and cleared the yard. I was convinced he had not left the property, so I searched the backyard with my E2D LED Defender® Ultra.

The backyard was the usual overgrown jungle, with thick bushes around the fence line. As I searched the bushes with my flashlight's 500 lumens piercing even the thickest foliage, I was able pick out his legs among the shadows, where he had worked himself between the fence and the thick bushes. We were able to disarm him of his knife and arrest him, a fugitive we had been after for two weeks. We were also able to recover valuable stolen property that he'd concealed with him.

Without my Defender, he would have sat out our search, not been arrested that night, and continued his meth-fueled crime spree, creating more and more victims in the process. Thanks, SureFire.

Gavin M.
Anglesea, Victoria, Austrailia

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Around 0100 hours, I rode with my partner to the scene where a burglary had been committed. We arrived at the scene, and the suspect had already fled on foot and was heading down another street. As a deputy arrived on scene to back us up, dispatch advised us that another homeowner had located the suspect. We got back in our patrol car and sped to the street that he was on.

I dismounted from the patrol car and bolted down the alley where the homeowner had last seen the suspect. My other-brand flashlight was already dying on me. I heard the suspect jump into a pile of leaves. I drew my handgun with my Surefire X300® Ultra, which lit up the alley with 500 lumens of pure awesomeness, and I gave the suspect orders to comply. The suspect immediately rolled out of the leaves and onto his belly. After my partner arrived to cover me, I placed the suspect under arrest. The first words out of his mouth were, "All I could see was light... I knew I couldn't escape." The victim told me that she could sleep peacefully, knowing that the perpetrator had been captured.

I truly believe your lights are a force multiplier, and I will continue to be a repeat SureFire customer. SureFire products have served me faithfully through two tours in Iraq, and they continue to serve me as a public servant. Thank you, SureFire!

Nathan M.
Joplin, MO

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I am a police officer with a medium-sized agency in Southern California. In December of last year, my wife gave me a SureFire X300® Ultra to replace the X200 I’d been using for almost seven years on my issued Glock 17. I was already familiar with the improved quality of the X300—I had seen it many times in the field in a variety of incidents (searches, hot-stops, etc.)—but I’d stuck with my X200 because it just would not die. When it started to act up last year, I contacted SureFire, sent it in for repairs, and they sent it back to me good as new. Well, my X200 is now mounted on my SIRT training pistol that I use for dry-fire practice, and it works as good as it did the day I got it. It's a little scratched up, but that just gives it character and shows how well-built these little lights are and how much punishment they can take.

Despite seeing several in action, I was unprepared for the truly superb quality and luminosity of the X300 Ultra. This light is built to the same high quality standards as all of the Surefire products I have ever owned and/or worked with during my law enforcement career. The intensity of the light that this WeaponLight produces is second to none when it comes to pistol-mounted lights. It turns night into day in my little piece of the world. Well, in January, I had the opportunity to put my new X300 Ultra to the test.

My partner and I contacted a subject sleeping in a car that did not belong to him, in the parking lot of a local apartment complex. The car’s position forced my partner and me to contact the subject on the driver’s side, as the front and passenger side of the car were too close to a retaining wall for either of us to set up anywhere else. As my partner rapped on the closed driver’s window to wake up the suspect, I illuminated the rear seat and floorboard area with my X300U. The suspect awoke immediately and thrust his right arm between the front seats, towards the passenger-side floorboard. I pointed my light (and weapon muzzle) at the suspect’s right arm and hand and immediately ordered the suspect to place both hands on the steering wheel. The suspect complied, and we were able to remove him from the car without further incident. The suspect turned out to be a parolee with a history of violence, and during the search of the car, I found a semi-automatic pistol tucked under the front passenger seat, right where the suspect had been reaching.

Without the light provided by my X300 Ultra, I might’ve missed the suspect’s lunge for that pistol inside the dark car, and he could’ve fired at my partner or me. I am convinced that, without the high-intensity light provided by the X300 Ultra, this incident could have had a very different—and potentially tragic—outcome.

Tyrus M.
Oceanside, CA

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I was working an early morning night shift when a call for service came across the radio for a possible home invasion. The caller, a nearby resident, had seen a subject armed with a shotgun approach a man entering his home and then they apparently entered the home together. Upon arrival my partner retrieved his patrol shotgun equipped with a Surefire DSF forend from the patrol car and proceeded up the steps to the front door. I joined him on the steps with my patrol rifle equipped with a SureFire M500 WeaponLight.

Two other officers arrived and I instructed them to move to the sides of the residence for perimeter security. My partner announced police presence and then the door opened and a very distraught female began to scream, "He's in there! He has a gun!" My partner entered the residence, and I raised my rifle and took to the front steps to join him. Then, a single shotgun blast, from just inside the door.

Hearing the shot, I entered the house and encountered the same distraught female who’d opened the door. Moving her behind me, I escorted her out to the front porch. Upon reentry, my M500 allowed me to see my partner to my right, confirming that he was the one who fired the weapon and was not injured. He advised me there was a subject armed with a shotgun in the residence. While clearing room to room, I encountered several members of the family that resided there, but my light's focused, blinding beam allowed me to clearly establish the difference between threat and victim. With that light source, I was able move each of the victims, including several small children, to safety while clearing the residence in an effective manner. The suspect was not struck by my partner’s fire and fled the home out a rear door. He was not struck by my partner's fire.

There’s no doubt that my patrol rifle equipped with the M500 WeaponLight allowed me to enter and gain control of a dark and chaotic situation in which multiple victims' lives were in danger. The weight of the lighting system did not weigh the rifle down and allowed for easy one-handed operation while using the other hand to escort victims to safety. SureFire products are without equal. They excel in not only quality but in ease of control and weight. My personal weapon systems all utilize SureFire lighting. Your products provide me with security in an otherwise unsecured world, both on and off duty.

Evan W.
Danville, VA

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          DSF-870   M500L

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Early in the morning on July 30, 2011, my partner and I responded to a gang fight and apprehended a couple of suspects after a foot pursuit. After escorting them to our cruiser, we were walking across the street when I turned to see a car coming straight at us, the driver asleep at the wheel. I grabbed my partner and began dragging him with me while sprinting for the sidewalk. Another officer yelled, "Watch out!" just as I was struck in my right side (my gun side) by the car, travelling around 50 miles per. My partner was struck by our own cruiser, which was T-boned by the motorist and spun 180 degrees, hitting him like a baseball bat. Three of the four of us on scene were transported for injuries, and my partner and I sustained severe injuries.

I was able to make a full recovery after six months, but I had to learn to walk, run, jump, and stand again. Prior to returning to duty, I inspected all my duty gear, starting with my weapon and holster. It looked like a very big dog used both as a chew toy. The weapon was scratched up, and my SureFire X300® [since replaced by the X300® Ultra] was intact, just missing three screws that had been knocked completely out by the car’s impact. I then inspected my Z2 [since replaced by the Z2X CombatLight® flashlight], which had a cracked lens but was otherwise still working.

I am very impressed and satisfied with SureFire. There is not another product I would use on duty. Thanks, SureFire. You guys continue to make the best! To be used by the best—both here at home and overseas!

Francisco R.
Palmdale, CA

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          X300U-A   Z2X-C-BK

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My team and I (Regional Team North of Boston) were a part of the many teams involved in the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the evening of April 19th. My team was one of the first teams on the scene after patrol officers initially located the suspect in a boat in a backyard and reported exchanging gunfire with him.

Upon taking positions, I found myself on an over-watch position with a State Police SWAT operator, trying to get a view of the suspect. We were in the closest window to him, on the back of the second floor of the house. The boat was approximately 30 yards from us, looking down. The State Police Air Wing had run far past their recommended fuel limits and eventually had to return to refuel.

Several operators from my team and others were using their weapon-mounted lights to try to light up the boat and get a view. Several lights were running low on batteries, and some were just not up to the task. I had recently purchased a SureFire G2X, so I gave my light a shot. As soon as I activated my light, it flooded the boat with light. It did such a good job that it surprised myself and several of us in the room.

A short time later, I caught a view of the suspect’s hand as he kept reaching up and touching a wound on his face. From that point forward, I relayed the subject’s position and actions to command. We had to watch every movement he made. We had intel that he possibly had a bomb vest of some type on, and we were concerned that, at any moment, he might grab a detonator and activate the bomb we thought he might have with him. But my SureFire G2X gave us a clear and perfect view of him and all of his movements.

The situation played out to the point where we could get him to stand up. Eventually he did so, at which point we got a view of his sweatshirt—the same sweatshirt we had seen on him from security video footage following the ambush and murder of MIT police officer Sean Collier by him and his brother. At that point, we confirmed that it was, in fact, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

A negotiator came up to our position and was talking to the suspect, trying to convince him to come out of the boat. Upon the subject refusing to leave the boat, my team, along with officers from a transit SWAT team and a sister cities team used the cover of shields, with the rest of us on over-watch, to make their way to the suspect and remove him from the boat. He was then placed into custody.

I swear by your product and literally do trust my life with it. I preach the benefits of your products from the standpoint of a police officer, SWAT operator, and an instructor. I have used SureFire products for almost a decade and can honestly say that I’ve never had one break or fail on me.

Thank you from myself, my team, and all the teams that played a role that night. Thank you from Boston.

Joseph T.
Dorchester, MA

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I am a mounted patrol sergeant with a large metropolitan police department in Texas. One night, a disturbance broke out on a corner of the block I was patrolling. As I rode my horse over to the disturbance, one of the suspects took off running. The other person involved in the disturbance informed me that the suspect had a gun. I began chasing after the suspect on my horse, and the suspect proceeded to a dark area on the street where his vehicle was parked—he was trying to get into the passenger door. As I got closer to the suspect, the suspect had opened his passenger door and was reaching toward his glove compartment. I was still about 20 feet away from the suspect, but I shined my P2ZX Fury CombatLight® on him and could clearly see a gun in the glove compartment. I drew my duty weapon and ordered the suspect away from the vehicle. When the suspect turned and observed me with my weapon pointing at him, he moved away from the vehicle and I was able to take him into custody without incident.

Had it not been for my SureFire P2ZX Fury’s powerfully bright light, I’m certain I would not have been able to see the gun in the glove box. Things may have turned out completely different for me or the suspect. I credit my SureFire for the safe and successful apprehension of this person. Thank you for making great products and for supporting law enforcement professionals like me.

Jeff R.
Magnolia, TX

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In 1993, I began my law enforcement career as a police officer in a mid-sized southern city. With a very low salary and a large family to support, the decision to buy a high-quality flashlight was one that we made as a family. Since this could be a “lifesaving” piece of equipment, we decided to go with the best, and a SureFire 6R became my Christmas present.

Shortly after the purchase, I was dispatched to a breaking-and-entering-in-progress call. Unbeknownst to me, the suspect, who had significant mental health issues, was attempting to hack his way through the backdoor of a house with a machete. When I arrived, he walked rapidly towards me from the back of the house with an enraged look on his face and his machete raised over his head. He initially disregarded my commands to halt, so I lit him up with my 6R. Because of the ability of my SureFire to illuminate the scene at a distance, there remained adequate space between the two of us for me to initially respond without the use of deadly force. Additionally, this individual was significantly disoriented by my bright light, and this enabled me to convince him to drop the weapon. He was then taken into custody without incident.

Although this happened over two decades ago, I clearly remember the moment at which he stopped and considered his position. It was evident in the varied, fleeting expressions on his brightly lit face. Without my 6R to send out a shield of light, I would not have been able to identify and respond to this threat so efficiently and effectively. They say that nothing good happens in the dark, but a SureFire changes that equation. Since then, I have come a long way in a career where change is the only constant. However, the reliability of this flashlight has not changed; I still have it with me, and it still works perfectly. In fact, I will have a SureFire within reach until the day I die—because this “lifesaving” piece of equipment ensured that day wasn’t 20 years ago.

Kevin D.
Davidsonville, MD

My shift partner and I were dispatched to check out a group of disorderly subjects at one of the local apartment complexes, known to be a place where drugs are used and sold. My partner went around the front while I snuck in the back to catch any subjects who might run. I pulled up to the rear of one of the buildings, and someone ran out of the shadows when he saw my patrol car.

I gave chase, my SureFire P2X Fury in hand. The subject ran out of the front of the apartment towards the woods. Everywhere I shined my Fury, the subject ran away from. He ran in front of a speeding car, and I used the 500-lumen beam to light him up so he wouldn’t get hit. The subject darted into the woods, with me not far behind, and upon entering the woods a branch hit me in the face, causing me to lose sight of the subject. I turned off my Fury and waited for the subject to make a move. He did—he was picking up a big stick to hit me with. Just in time, I shined all 500 of my Fury’s lumens into his eyes, causing him to drop the stick and cover his eyes.

He was taken into custody without further incident. He told me that he was wanted for jumping bail and, if it hadn’t been for my Fury’s overwhelming beam, he planned on hitting me with that stick, taking my gun, and fleeing. Thanks to my Fury, none of those happened. I never go on shift without it. Thanks for a great product, SureFire!

Jay D.
Seaford, DE

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Recently, my brother graduated from the police academy and accepted a position at our local police station. My family and I were both very proud of him and very concerned, given the inherent danger of being a police officer. To help him be safe, and add a little peace of mind for my family, I bought my brother a SureFire 6PX Tactical as a graduation gift. I’ve personally owned several SureFires and strongly believe that no other flashlight should be on his belt.

One night, while on patrol my brother ran into a dangerous situation late at night during a routine traffic stop. The suspect was driving drunk and also turned out to be violating his parole. While my brother was running the plates, the man stepped out of his vehicle with a baseball bat, knowing his cover had been blown and not wanting to return to prison. My brother, not wanting to escalate the situation to the use of lethal force, took out his 6PX and shined it in the suspect’s eyes. The man was instantly disoriented, allowing my brother to subdue him and take him into custody.

Thanks, SureFire, for doing what you do so well. I’m planning on getting my brother the new Lawman soon to complement his 6PX.

Victor P.
Hellertown, PA

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This is the story of my faithful companion. In 1998, I was issued a SureFire 6P® Original when I was assigned as an agent to a tactical narcotics team, in Miami, Florida. Since then, my trusty 6P has made dozens of search-warrant tactical entries, hundreds of arrests, boarded ships, and been in the jungles of South America and the deserts of Mexico. It has even racked up three deployments to Iraq, when I was mobilized with my reserve unit. It is beat up, scratched, wrapped with a little “hundred miles per hour tape,” and looks like hell, but it works like the day I first took it out of the box.

My trusty 6P is not only my faithful companion but a souvenir of 13 years of a lot of fun and excitement. Thanks, SureFire, for making a great product that I can trust my life to.

James B.
Knoxville, TN

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While serving as chief of police, in Ft. Yukon, Alaska, I was dispatched to a domestic violence call at 3:30 am—and -36° F. A man had beaten his wife and left their residence, and when he returned, his wife had locked the door and the man began banging on the side of the house with a gun, stating he was going to kill her.

When I arrived, the man was concealed in a shed, in the yard. If it wasn’t for my SureFire 6P, I wouldn’t have been able to see him—and that he was armed with a 7mm magnum rifle. My SureFire was so bright that the man kept repeating for me to get that bright ‘GD’ light out of his eyes. It gave me the only tactical advantage I had, since I was standing in the open front yard, covered in snow, under a street light. Unfortunately, things escalated, and I had to shoot the individual when he pointed the rifle at me, but if it hadn’t been for my SureFire, things could’ve turned out much worse for me.

You guys make amazing products that make a world of difference. I have SureFire lights on my AR15, shotgun, and duty belt. And that 6P I used was given to me by my sister the day I graduated the academy—16 years ago.

Joseph W.
Winchester, KY

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I was assigned to the graveyard shift, and happened to be a solo officer, when I was dispatched to a railroad yard regarding a suspicious individual. Upon arriving, I found the suspect, who ignored my verbal commands. I cautiously approached the suspect and grabbed his hand in an attempt to control him when, suddenly, the suspect spun on me and I began to receive hay-makers to the head. I soon found myself on my back, with a crazed individual on top of me, continuing to strike me in the face. As I attempted to block the blows, I heard the gut-dropping sound of "snap" my retention strap on my duty gun coming undone. I reached down with my right hand to my duty gun and found the suspect's hand trying to take my firearm. Now it was a matter of life or death. With my right hand pinning the suspect's hand on my duty gun, in an attempt to prevent him from taking my firearm, I was frantically looking for anything to use as a weapon with my left hand.

I found my trusted SureFire 6P® flashlight and used it to repel the blows to my face. When enough distance was created, I illuminated the suspect with my 6P, which caused him to instantly take his hand off my gun and shield his face from the intense light. I finally had the upper hand and was able to take him into custody. In the distance I could hear the sirens of my fellow officers responding, but I could not radio my position, as my radio was damaged in the fight. Gripping my 6P, which had just endured a hellish battle, I fired it up to signal the sea of blue looking for me. I was contacted weeks later by my patrol sergeant, who told me he received a complaint from jail. He told me that an individual was claiming I used "excessive light" and caused him to be temporarily disoriented. After a few chuckles and a hard lesson learned, I vowed to never hit the streets again without one of your products. Thank you for providing equipment that brought me home safely to my family.

Justin H.
Clovis, CA

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My SureFire X300® saved a life one night, back in 2009. I was working night watch about 9:00 p.m. on a cold California night. I got a report of a person in a park lying on the ground in a poorly lit area. I arrived and contacted the person, who was asleep and clearly intoxicated. I woke him up, and he immediately started making threats. He got up, and before I could lay hands on him, he told me he had a gun, his right hand going for his waist band under his coat at the same time. I quickly drew my Glock 22, fired up my X300, and moved to my left. The suspect put his right hand in front of his face to shield his eyes from the intense light that was coming from my X300. Luckily for him, my X300 lit him up so brightly that I could see everything clear as day, and there was no gun under his coat. He ended up getting arrested, but it could've ended much, much worse for him. The light from my X300 was so bright that he had to shield his eyes from the light with his hands, which gave me enough time to see there was no gun and not escalate the force level. I've used my X300 many other times since then, but this incident really stands out to me. I believe the X300 is one of the best weapon-mounted lights on the market today. Thanks, SureFire.

David S.
Oceanside, CA

See the SureFire X300 Ultra WeaponLight:
          X300 Ultra

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As a police officer, sometimes the tool that you use most is your pen. For this reason, I chose to purchase the SureFire Pen II. Not only is the Pen II an excellent writing instrument and sobriety testing tool, with its highly polished tip, it's a handy little kubaton, as well. But by far the best thing about this pen is showing other officers, who are SureFire fans too, how big of a fan I am by owning it. The Pen II may not have saved my life (yet), but it has made all the paperwork I have to do much more bearable. Thanks, SureFire.

Henry F.
Atascosa, TX

See the Pen II:

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I'm a police officer and work fulltime as a mountain bike officer in an area with a busy club scene. One night my partner and I saw a stopped vehicle blocking a lane of traffic, with the driver out of the vehicle, dancing in the street, trying to impress some woman on the sidewalk. As we came upon the vehicle, my partner made the approach to the driver while I stayed back to keep an eye on the rear passengers. As my partner spoke with the driver, the rear passenger started to move around. I then moved up, in an attempt to get a better visual and tactical position, my gun at the ready position and my 6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX_Tacitcal--Ed.] in my non-shooting hand. The passenger lunged both of his hands under the front passenger seat. As he did, I went into combat mode and explained to him that if he so much as moved another inch, there was a high probability his friend would be cleaning brain matter from his car interior.

The passenger froze but would not obey my other commands. It was during this moment that my 6P LED revealed the butt of a black handgun only a half inch from his fingertips. After carefully explaining to him of the monumental importance of his next decision, and my excellent shooting abilities, he decided it would be in is best interest to discontinue his reach. My partner was able to gain a tactical advantage and pull him out of the car without further incident. After it was all said and done, and cuffs were on him, it turned out he was only 16 years old and thought it would be cool to drive around with a gun. The power and clarity of my SureFire flashlight hands down beats the department-issued lights I've had in the past.

James L.
Waldorf, MD

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I was working night patrol when I received a call about a suspicious noise coming from the rear alley of a local business. When I arrived on the scene, I saw a subject walking away from the business. I parked my marked unit and, as I exited, I asked him what he was doing. Before I could finish my sentence, I was looking down the barrel of a semi-automatic pistol. I ran to the opposite side of my unit and drew my weapon. As the subject gave chase, I stopped and pointed my gun at the subject and told him to drop the gun. I illuminated the subject with my SureFire X300® just as he pointed his gun at me a second time. Shots were fired, and the rest is history.

I truly believe that my tactics, training, and SureFire X300 kept me a few fractions of a second ahead, and alive, that fateful night. I won't be able to get my weapon or my X300 back until the criminal case has been cleared, so I've been saving my money to purchase another X300. I feel naked every night I hit the streets without one, so hopefully I can purchase one (maybe even two) soon. I have stressed the importance of a reliable weapon-mounted light to all of my partners; since my incident, many have purchased one specifically, the SureFire X300. SureFire was a major element in my survival that night, and I hope all of the officers who read this story take into consideration just how important it is for them to have a reliable lighting system. Thank you, SureFire, for keeping me safe, alive, and able to return home to my family.

Rene M.
Brawley, CA

See the SureFire X300 Ultra WeaponLight:

          X300 Ultra

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The day I brought my SureFire G2® LED [superseded by the G2X Tactical--Ed.] to the firehouse everyone asked about it-and how much it cost. When I told them the price, they gave me the business about spending as much as I did, showing me their cheap ten-dollar lights that they claimed were just as good as any other light out there. Right. They typically work for a week or two and then go out without warning. Two months after my purchase, our company was the second responding company to a house fire. The first responding company was extinguishing the fire, and we followed behind, doing our search. My partner and I entered a room, where we found a woman lying on the floor, thanks to my bright G2L cutting right through the smoke. We were able to get her out while she was still breathing. I know that, had I been using a cheap $10 no-name brand, we may not have found this woman as quickly as we did, and she may have perished. Your flashlights are by far the brightest and definitely the toughest out there. Real life-savers. Thanks for making such top-quality lights.

Joseph W.
Saint Louis, MO

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Back in the day, when I was a young recruit, in the early 90s, we were issued one of your competitor's battery-operated 3-D-cell flashlights. Needless to say, it was not that bright. I went and bought my first SureFire 6R (now obsolete), based on what I'd read and a recommendation from the retail store. It was compact, produced a flawless, bright beam, and was the talk amongst other police officers, many of whom went out and bought their own. As a member of the K9 unit, I proposed a fulltime tactical light for our issued pistol. Needless to say, the SureFire X200® [superseded by the X300®--Ed.]) beat out all competitors and is now the standard light for our K9 unit, ERT, marine, and mounted units. In addition, our department was looking for a new standard-issue light that had to be battery powered for earthquake preparedness. Not only did the light have to be bright and flawless, but our managers demanded high customer service. Our relationship with SureFire from our X200 purchases took care of that. As a result, the G2® was selected as the standard-issue light for the 1,400 members of the Vancouver Police Department.

Sgt. Ray W. - Vancouver PD
Vancouver, B.C.

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          X300 Ultra   G2

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At 17:00 hrs in late September, the Lincoln volunteer ambulance was paged to rescue a hunter who'd fallen and fractured his leg. He was five miles from the trailhead in the Scapegoat Wilderness. Most of the route he'd traveled was off the forest service trail and followed a creek up the Continental Divide over steep terrain. We were able to locate him about 19:00 hrs (after the sun set). We had a couple of flashlights, but, unfortunately, the six extra batteries I always carry were tucked safely in my vest back down the mountain on the passenger seat of the ambulance. We managed to get the hunter off the mountain by 23:30, but as we started hiking back, our flashlights died. Luckily, I had my SureFire Helmet_Light with me, so I mounted it to the Tango Down mount on my cap, and was able to lead us safely back to the trail head, where our ambulance awaited us.

Robert F.
Lincoln, MT

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I'm a volunteer firefighter/first responder. One night we were paged to a wreck with a possible pin-in. When I arrived at the scene, other firefighters were attempting to extricate the victim from the car. I'd been there maybe five minutes when the alternator on the fire engine went dead and all of the lights went out. We all carry clip-on lights made by another company, but they weren't bright enough to warn oncoming traffic. So I pulled my G2® LED [superseded by the G2X Tactical--Ed.] from my pocket, twisted it on, and was able to stop oncoming vehicles from crashing into us and our fire engine. People said they could see the light from a half mile away. Kudos for making such a bright, durable light.

Cole W.
North Wilkesboro, NC

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At the beginning of the year, I swapped out my department-issued weapon light for a SureFire X300. I made the switch primarily because my department-issued light put out a weak beam and always died so quickly. After training with my new X300, where it worked flawlessly and impressed my fellow trainees, I used it on duty for the first time in a building search, about a month after I got it. My partner and I responded to an alarm call, and we found an open door and a dark room. My partner did not have weapon light on his firearm, so I went in first. I turned on my X300 and lit up the entire room before we entered. It was a small room, and we cleared it quickly before entering a much larger room. My X300 lit up half of that room before we even entered it, and once inside, it lit up the rest. We could see everything-every corner, every nook and cranny. We quickly cleared that room, too, and declared the call a false alarm. I've used my X300 lots of times since that call, and I've yet to change the batteries. It is far and away the best weapon light I have every used. Thanks for making such a reliable product, SureFire.

David S.
Vista, CA

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          X300 Ultra

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As a member of the fulltime SWAT team, I was recently dispatched to a hostage barricade situation where shots had been fired. I am a member of the counter-sniper team, and my partner and I were deployed to cover the front of the residence. Upon reaching our observation point, I detected movement to the left of our position. I let my partner know, and I continued to cover that direction with my M4 assault rifle outfitted with a SureFire M900 WeaponLight. I then saw the suspect, who was wondering the perimeter of the house, looking for law enforcement officers. On command, both my partner and I lit up the suspect with our M900 lights and verbally commanded him to surrender. The suspect immediately dropped to the ground and yelled, "Don't shoot me, I give up!" We took the suspect into custody without further incident. Upon debriefing, the suspect stated that, due to the blinding lights, he thought he was surrounded by a much larger group than two people. I would like to personally thank Surefire for making such a great products and for making my job that much safer

Trent L.
Jessup, MD

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Early one morning I was out tracking a carjacking suspect with my K9 partner, Sabre. I was carrying my departmental-issued Remington 870, equipped with a SureFire Dedicated Forend, across my front as I tracked the suspects. We found two suspects, one of which we cornered and captured in the backyard of a town home. I used my SureFire dedicated forend to identify the suspect and, with the help of my K9, took the suspect into custody without incident. After he was secured, we resumed our tracking, crossing a wet, wooden footbridge over a swamp. Upon reaching the end of the footbridge, I lost my footing and fell, my SureFire forend taking the brunt of the impact as my 260-pound body crashed down. I was mortified and convinced I'd just destroyed the light. But once I collected myself off the ground and tested the forend, much to my delight, it worked flawlessly. Though I did not end up locating the second suspect, it was a great seeing the toughness of your product firsthand. Thanks for making such a durable, reliable product.

CPL John S.
Bel Air, MD

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