It was 5:00 a.m., and I'd just gotten off work, after an exhausting 14-hour shift. I was on the freeway, heading north, when the next thing I knew, I'd drifted off the pavement. As I frantically tried to steer myself back onto the pavement, I over corrected, causing my Honda to flip twice and land upside down.Pinned and unable to move, I'd lost all feeling in my legs. To make matters worse, my car was obstructed from view by high brush and its headlights no longer worked, so I was invisible from the freeway. I was able to reach the horn, but this proved unsuccessful the battery had evidently come disconnected. I screamed and yelling at passing cars for about 15 minutes before realizing that my U2 Ultra was in my pocket. So I managed to pull it from my pocket and began flashing an S.O.S. to a passing car. The car pulled over, and the driver called for an ambulance. I suffered a broken hip, a dislodged femur, a fractured fibula and tibia, some broken ribs, and a few cuts and bruises. There's no doubt in my mind that my SureFire saved my life that dark morning the driver who saved me told me he was blinded by the light and had to pull over to see what it was. Boy, am I glad he did. Thank you, Surefire, for making such a great product!

Xuan N.
Garden Grove, CA

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