I often go walking late at night; I enjoy the cool, calm air and the peace and quiet. One night, I was out for a stroll, my SureFire E2D LED Defender® and my laser pointer in my pocket, when I came upon a group of four males, all 18-20 years old, harassing and annoying a young lady. I shouted at them and told them to leave the woman alone. Two of them stopped the woman from leaving, and the other two approached me. As the two males approached me, it was clear they were looking for confrontation. So I immediately drew my E2D LED with my right hand, held it like a pistol, and blasted out its max output. This really made them stop in their tracks. Then I pulled out my laser pointer and pointed that at them. The two males were dazzled, shocked, and had to sit down to absorb what had just happened. I then approached the two males who were continuing to harass and annoy the young women. I was concerned this was a potential rape in the making. After seeing what had happened to their chums, they said, "We're not looking for any trouble," and became very passive. I said, "That's funny, because before I pulled out my torch and laser pointer, you were itching for a fight, and were hassling this lady."

The males ran off, and I helped the lady back to her house. She said to me, "That was incredible, like something out of a movie." I replied, "These things don't always have such a good ending. I will be reporting this to the police; they just walked right under a CCTV camera at the library." Before waving goodbye, the lady asked what make of torch I had. I said, "SureFire." She didn't even mention the laser pointer.

Peter G.
Longniddry, UK

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