I am a plain clothes law enforcement officer, and I always carry with me, in my discreet satchel, two SureFire flashlights—a G2X and an E2D LED Defender®—along with my other equipment. One morning, my wife, who was 28 weeks pregnant with twins, had her water unexpectedly break at work. She made her way to the hospital and called me to tell me to get there right away. I immediately left work and proceeded to the hospital.

The next morning the twins were born in the OR and taken to the NICU. My wife was moved from the OR to the recovery room. When she arrived at the recovery room, the medical staff checked her vital signs and discovered that she had a large pool of clotted blood in her uterus and she’d lost a significant amount of blood from an unknown area. She was in immediate need of blood and her vital signs were at a dangerous level. About 10 medical personnel were in her room, attempting to find the source of the bleeding. The doctor asked for a flashlight, as there were only overhead light sources in the recovery room, but there was no response from any of the staff. So I took my SureFire G2X out from my satchel, turned it on, and handed it to the doctor.

The doctor, along with her colleague, looked for the source of bleeding for several minutes and, in the meantime, the other medical staff began to apply pressure to the hanging IV's to get more fluid into my wife. Donor blood arrived and was transfused into my wife. Every second that went by, my wife turned paler and paler and got dizzier and dizzier. After what seemed like a lifetime, the doctor finally located the source of the bleeding—a tiny two-millimeter tear inside of my wife that needed stitches. The doctor handed my G2X to a nurse, who shined its bright beam on the tear while she stitched it up. When they were finished, my wife almost immediately began to turn her normal color and made a full recovery.

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