I was out by a river, about a half hour from my house, which tends to get some very rough currents, especially after rainfall. I was taking pictures until about 7 pm, when I finished shooting and started packing up my gear. The rapids were stronger than they have been in a long time because we had been hammered with storms for the past three days and another storm was closing in fast. Just as I was about to finish packing my gear and climb the rocks back up so I could leave, I noticed a girl, probably mid 30s, on the other side of the river who started to cross. It was getting very dark due to the clouds and the rain, and the wind and lighting were picking up fast. Then it got to the point where I couldn't see the girl anymore. The current was very, very strong and it was too dark and rainy to see anything.

I had my SureFire G2X Pro in my pocket, so I pulled it out to see if I could spot the girl. After searching with the 320-lumen beam for about five minutes, I spotted her head just above the surface in the center of the river, her arms grasping a large rock to keep the current from pulling her away. I have crossed this river many times with my camera gear so I wasn't too afraid of the water and was able to cross into the center to help her get out of the river. With the strong current, I would not have been able to get across if I hadn’t had my SureFire to light shallowest portions and keep us from being swept away.

Without my SureFire being both bright and weather-sealed, I would not have been able to find her and help her out of the river safely. I believe that G2X was the help that helped get her home safely that night instead of the other alternative: reading about her in the newspaper the next day.

Jake S.
Stafford, VA