I am a paramedic who splits his time between two jobs. The first is performing critical care inter-facility transports for a large urban health system, and the second is as a 911 paramedic in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Some time ago I purchased your L4 Digital LumaMax®. I have to admit, the light seemed to carry a hefty price tag relative to other tactical illuminators on the market; however, the cheaper models were just not holding up, and I rely on my flashlight in some pretty unusual circumstances. But after the events of this evening, I would gladly pay twice the asking price for this light.

On the way back from a call, my partner and I were flagged down by several people who reported that a local man was trapped under some wreckage in a salvage yard. Apparently he'd been searching through a pile of scrap metal when the pile gave way. He fell from the heap and became pinned down, face down, under a car chassis, a steel I-beam, a boiler casing, and various other metal objects. It was a major rescue operation to free the man, who easily had a ton of wreckage on top of him. The rescue involved a heavy rescue company, a specialized structure collapse unit, and many additional engines and ladders.The firefighters were using a brand of flashlight geared toward the emergency response community, but these lights were like dim candles. So, out popped my L4. It was the smallest light on scene, but also the brightest, so the vast portion of the rescue operation was performed while illuminated by my flashlight. Numerous police officers and firefighters commented of the brightness of the light during the rescue. In fact, the only brighter lights on the scene was the one connected directly to a portable generator and the 5,000,000 candlepower search light on the helicopter above us--but neither of these units were available until near the end of the operation. My L4 remained at near full intensity for the entire 90 minute operation without any noticeable reduction in output. Keep up the good work, SureFire. I can't see myself ever buying another brand of flashlight again.

Eric R.

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