After graduating college in May of 2010, a good friend and mentor thought he and I should plan an afternoon hike, where he could show me the ins and outs of orienteering. This was something I had no experience in, so I liked the idea. We ended up going in mid-August to a very large national park a couple of hours from where we live, and we chose a large section of the park that had no marked trails. We started our hike at noon, and in a few hours we realized we'd bitten off more than we could chew. The terrain in this part of the park is quite rough, and it was nearly 100° F outside. It was probably a combination of my inexperience, my friend being out of practice, and plain old Murphy's Law, but this 24-year-old recent college graduate and a 63-year-old man with a bad ankle ended up lost in the middle of a very large national park with a five-mile-long ridgeline of 100-foot cliff blocking the direction we needed to go. To top that off, a thunderstorm, the likes of which I've never experienced firsthand, just happened to roll up on us.

By the time we realized we were spending the night in the woods, we were drenched to the bone as well as the gear we had. Then night fell. Out of all the gear I'd wished I'd taken, I couldn't have been happier that I had my E2D LED Defender®. Its blinding light lit the way to the safest campsite we could find, helped us get a fire lit, and even aided in dispatching a curious varmint that came sniffing at my head while I tried to sleep on the wet ground. It never left my hand until the sun came up the next day. I am 100% convinced that we might not have made it out of those woods safely had I not had my SureFire with me. Thanks for a die-hard reliable product I KNOW I can count on.

Adam L.
Madison, AL

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