I'm a bouncer at a bar, and I find myself using my E2D LED Defender® flashlight all the time. One night I was checking IDs, when a customer came inside and said there was a fight out in the parking lot. I ran outside to find one customer pummeling another. I separated them, grabbed the guy being pummeled, and started escorting him to the bar. Just as I got to the door, the guy I left behind yells, "Hey, I'm not playing!" followed by the all-too-familiar sound of a pump shotgun being cocked. I grabbed my Defender and shined it directly into his eyes from about 25 feet. He immediately took one hand off his gun to shield his eyes, allowing me and the other guy to rush into the bar and call the police. I'm pretty sure the moment that blinding beam bought me, saved my life. Thanks, SureFire.

Dustin B.
Kalispell, MT

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