I am a truck driver, and I was the first responder to an accident that happened in Kansas on Interstate 70. About 4:00 a.m. I saw a faint red light down the ravine about 200 ft., so I pulled over to inspect. Using my "three-million-candlepower" flashlight in the truck, I saw that it was a jeep in the ravine, so I called 911, and after I talked to them I went down the ravine to determine if there were any casualties. When I got to the bottom of the ravine my big flashlight died, and I had to use my E2D LED Defender®, which I always carry in my pocket for emergencies. I used this flashlight to check on the lone injured driver and then to get back to the top of the ravine to bring him some blankets because it was freezing out. I got back to the ravine using the Defender to light my path, and I waited for the emergency crew to arrive. I also used it to signal the rescuers to the accident location when they arrived. Without my Defender, I could have failed to save that driver's life.

Roger L.
Chubbuck, ID

See the E2DL flashlight: