The city braced itself as a category-four hurricane headed in our direction. We made preparations and stayed in our home while the storm raged just outside. Three hours into the storm we heard cries for help, so we opened our door to try to help. It was pitch black and only the occasional lightning bolt illuminated the sky, showing us large debris flying around and downed power lines. It was too dangerous to go outside in the dark, so my father handed me the SureFire E1B Backup® and took out his E2D Defender® for himself. We headed outside, despite the efforts of my wife to keep us inside. Our lights cut through the darkness and showed us the true nature of the storm. We made our way to the neighbor's home, where a little girl had been cut severely by glass from a broken window. Thanks to our SureFire illumination tools, we were able to tend to the child and save her life.Thank you, SureFire, for making such rugged flashlights.

Kevin S.
Houston, TX

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