Last year I embarked on what I had expected to be the best hunting trip of my life. The destination was the wilderness of Alaska, to bag a colossal moose. It was day seven of the seven-day hunt, and I had nothing to show for it. I’d been hunting alongside my brother for the past six days, along with a guide. Feeling like I’d gotten a good feel for the lay of the land, I told the guide to take my brother with him and I would go off on my own. We had walkie-talkies that had a range of five miles, which I felt like was plenty.

Well, as evening turned to night I knew I had to get back to camp soon. I had my trusty SureFire flashlight, given to me by my wife, with me to guide me home. The only problem was that I’d ventured off the beaten path and was unable to find my way back. I turned on my radio and tried calling for assistance, but neither the guide nor my brother answered. Frantically I tried every station but nobody answered. With only a day’s worth of food, I knew I couldn't survive too long with the freezing temperatures every night.

Two days later, as I was still trying to find my way back to camp, I heard a rolling thunder in the distance: it was a search-and-rescue helicopter. I feverishly thought of what I could do to make myself more noticeable and decided to give my Surefire flashlight a try, even though it was broad daylight. The thick woods were blocking me from the helicopter, but I trusted my flashlight to cut through the trees and get the attention of the search-and-rescue team. I waved the flashlight, pointing the beam at the helicopter, and to my amazement, the helicopter quickly spotted me. Believe me when I say that that rescue was the happiest moment of my life. If it hadn’t been for my SureFire flashlight and its radiant beam, I may have not made it out of those woods. I thank my wife every time I go hunting for purchasing that SureFire flashlight for me.

Michael N.
Fresno, TX

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