Several months back, I bought a SureFire P2X Fury for personal use, on the recommendation from a friend. One night after that, I awoke in my bed to the sound of shattering glass. I told my wife to dial 911 while I grabbed my Fury and moved into the hallway. When I arrived in the living room, I saw that a man had broken out our dining-room window and was climbing through it. He looked up at me but did not stop trying to get in. Terrified, I hit the Fury’s switch and sent 500 blinding lumens directly into his eyes, yelling, "Get out of my house!” He quickly yanked himself back out the window and took off running.

I sincerely believe that intruder intended to harm me, and I hate to think what the outcome might’ve been if I hadn’t had my SureFire. Your brand has proven itself to me, and I have since recommended it to my friends. Thanks, SureFire!

Gabriel S.
Norman, OK

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