I'm a transportation inspector for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, and our duty is to ensure safe and legal operation of commercial motor vehicles not only for the driver's safety, but also for the travelers around them. I was performing a routine inspection on a semi truck, and as I walked around the truck I could smell diesel. I had my partner get under the truck to see if he could locate the smell, but with his ordinary flashlight he could see nothing unusual. So I whipped out my brand new SureFire U2 Ultra and had a look. With my U2's bright beam, I quickly discovered that a fuel line was leaking and dripping onto a VERY hot exhaust line. My partner and I immediately closed off a section of the parking lot to prevent anything bad from happening €”all thanks to my new purchase. After that incident, the rest of the inspectors went out and purchased new SureFires.

Porfirio M.
Raton, NM

See the U2 flashlight: