My newlywed wife and I were canoeing at my parents’ home, in Jamaica, Virginia, in late August. It was dusk when we set out, and a brisk wind picked up after we launched. I always pack my E1B Backup wherever I go, be it day or night. My wife was wearing my grandmother’s engagement ring, which had been passed down to her not three months prior. It was a bit big on her, and I recommended that she leave it home, but she didn’t listen to my advice.

Well, in the middle of grabbing the gunwales to brace herself, over goes the ring into the drink. Rather than dive overboard and disturb the descent of the ring, I immediately throw out the anchor while my wife stared at me in horror, utterly speechless and almost in tears. I took a big breath, grabbed my Backup, and over I went into the river, which was about nine feet deep where we were. The little torch cut right through the murky water.

I searched for about 15 minutes, but to no avail. I made one last effort and was rewarded with a jolt when I saw a sparkling glint on the river bottom and bubbles started to burst out of my mouth from laughing so hard. I surfaced with the ring in hand and a big smile on my face, which immediately grew one on my wife’s face as well. I've never been so relieved.

Any other light would have been extinguished for that amount of time underwater, but not my SureFire. My wife and I both thank you, SureFire.

Andrew L.
Quinton, VA

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