In NYC we've had a pretty brutal winter so far. Snow, negative wind chills for weeks at a time, pretty bad. I have a SureFire E1B Backup®, which I bought in October. After about a month of using it I became very accustomed to having it with me all the time. One day, I reached for my handy-dandy, bright-as-hell little friend and it wasn't there. A strange feeling, since I carried it religiously. I felt lost without it. The very next day, after searching high and low, I went out and purchased a new Backup. I started using my new flashlight without a though of the old one, figuring I'd never see it again. Two days ago, three months later, I'm walking my dog and there, lying in a puddle of mud and ice, is my original Backup! I couldn't believe it. I hit the button, and it was a bright as the day I bought it. For over three months in subzero temps, wind, snow, rain, dirt, and water, this little flashlight laid there patiently, covered under a pile of snow and ice, just waiting to be found and used by its owner. I put the newer one in a drawer, and now I carry my original, and amazing, little Backup.

Paul C.
Yonkers, NY

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