I worked late one evening and was car-jacked in the parking lot. He forced me into the trunk of my car. I was scared and on the verge of panic. Luckily, my Surefire E1B Backup® was in my purse. I turned my flashlight on with no plan other than to not be in the dark in the trunk of a moving car anymore. With the light of my Backup, I noticed that the taillights could be removed. I couldn't pull the taillight through, so I bashed a hole through the assembly, using the bezel of my E1B. Then I shined my light's tight beam through the hole and at the windshields of any cars driving behind us. Several drivers noticed the light and dialed 911. Moments later, the police boxed the car in at a traffic light, while I screamed from inside of the trunk. The police took the carjacker into custody. I was very grateful to them and just as grateful that I'd had my SureFire flashlight with me that night.

Angela M.
East Syracuse, NY

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